Favorite Fightpads


I see alot of threads talking about a new fightpad and most of them end with someone saying to but an arcade stick but i wanna see what some of your favorite fighpads are. I like the Neo Geo Pad 2 for ps1/ps2. its unique, easy to use, and doesn’t hurt your fingers after long use.



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what are walk pads snake?



I’m pretty sure fightpad is a Madcatz trademark. And they suck, in my experience.


yea most madcatz controllers suck but i really like pads over controllers because they’re easy to hold and look nice. though i understand that arcade sticks are better in the long run but i just wanna see what some peoples favorite pads are


I have tried all of them. Honestly, Snes and Saturn are the only acceptable ones. All the ASCii, Mad Catz and Hori sucked so far.


whats your opinion on the ngp2?


I have it and don’t use it. I have troubles doing complex command inputs with it, I also don’t think it’s very good with fighters that require a lot of dashing like Guilty Gear. I might need more practice with it, but I do think it’s inferior to the Snes and Saturn. You can check my Pad collection with the link I posted above


ah i guess youre right about that. though why snes? i love the super nintendo though the controllers d-pad always felt kinda weird to me and hurt after awhile


The Snes Pad is the only one I can use to perform OverDrive supers constantly in GG Xrd. Like I stated in another thread, GG Xrd is the ideal game to test how great a controller is.


oh i guess you’re right since its fast paced n stuff. sucks that most people dislike pads though.


i would consider using this fightpad


It probably never went into production but it looks like it would be the most comfortable to play on and easiest to execute with.


eh it looks kinda weird and the d-pad(?) looks like it be hard to easily move with


This one is better