Favorite game casters

So what makes a great match? The casting! I think the best casting is a nice blend of information and comedy.

3s - Rockefeller. Above and beyond anybody else in this regard.

SF4 - Seth is always an old favorite. Ultra David with Jchensor have been really good too. At first I hated Chris Hu, but then I learned to love his commentary.

BB:CS - I’m not sure who does it but whoever is on Arcade Infinity’s BB matches is great. I think it’s James or something.

CVS2 - Yoooooooooooooooon

Rockefeller and to some regard Sanchez and Ramos.

Nobody comes close to those guys.

Skisonic has leveled up on commentary. I didn’t like him at first, but he really came into his own. It seems like he consciously sought to improve himself in that endeavor and it payed off.

Chris Hu
John D Rockefeller
Ultra David
James Chen

All good commentators.

ST - S-Kill and his trix