Favorite Gen'Ei Jin style

Well? Who’s Gen’Ei Jin game do you look at and go “WOW!!”

For me it’d definately be Sako and Nitto.

Sako (My fav Vampire Savior player btw), just for having a completley different style than most Yun players.

(edit Whoops, videos links removed. Didn’t know they were from SBO.)

Nitto, just for being Nitto. I’ve always liked the guy.

Who are yours???

J.D’s (uh oh sbo4 videos)

Nitto is good, one of my favs. Sako on the other hand, only saw a few of his vids but not impressed. He does a lot of unconfirmed dash punches and gets severely punished for it, losing matches he could easily win. Also saw him fuck up a bunch of other stuff he shouldn’t have.

For me, Mester and Yakkun are my favs.

Any vids of JD? I thought he was supposed to uploaded a vid of him against makoto and I’d like to see his Yun.

i dont think you can handel it :stuck_out_tongue: hes just godly ive seen him irl =] (o and i dont think there are any)

J.D. The mans got class shooting out of him

:wtf: …

I wish I could give you two an award for having av’s that match your personality so well (flaming nut-huggers).

Sorry I havent upload anything I said that cause of this thread


Some guy posted he was gonna upload some videos of mine, still trying to find my way aroudn them.

Sorry I havent post is that I was trying to go the showdown championships but I didnt have a team in the last moment so I couldnt participate (lame!!!) but still the tourney was nice.

As for me I like a conservative Yun, I like how some players dont get desperate and know exactly what they’re doing when they activate their meter.

yours is almost there…its just yun is far to gay…maybe if you cut him in half it might help :looney:

sadly you will never be as good as JD

i like nitto cause i’ve played him and i realize what a mindfuck his genei jin is you always think you see a opening where you can jump then you eat a cr.short

Mester and kara palms ftw!

I’d go with Nitto and Issei here. They’re fun to watch and they keep it effective.

I’ve always been a big fan of Mester, but it would seem that he and KO kinda switched styles, with KO being more aggressive nowadays and Mester being more conservative. Honestly, I feel that being able to play both ways is the only way to go.

Issei and Ochibi are pretty solid Yuns. But the cheapest Yun will always be Mester. :stuck_out_tongue: If you mix them up, you get K.O and Nitto…heh.

Lee of Pyro.

hey does anyone know what genei jin means?

Something like Freestyle or something like that

Genei is phantom/illusion
The Jin associated with Genei-Jin is translated as formation but I think it’s really the Jin that means man/person.
So either phantom formation or phantom person clone thing…

hmm, the three kanji from gen’ei jin are:

gen: illusion
ei: shadow
jin: army, battle array

so, it’s most likely “army of shadows” or “afterimage squad” for cooler effect :wgrin:

better than Youhou, a pun with “Sky strike” and “Roast chicken”
(there is a reason, said in yun’s background that he performed youhou by improvisation on a dead chicken, suggested to do so by Gen…)

are u japanese? or do u know japanese? cause that sounds right

a little of both, hehe

I’m brazilian, but japanese descendant
studied japanese language for some time here
it’s helpful sometimes