Favorite "gimmick" frame trap?

What are some of your favorite non-standard “frame traps” that you know only work once but always work once. My personal favorite? Blocked LP Criminal Upper - Ultra 2 everyone falls for that one at least once.

Another one I like is c.LP - c.LP - c.LP - c.MK - c.LK the 3 c.LPs push you the range that you around -2F or so on block for the c.MK but the c.LK being 3F catches a number of people.

O and of course the f.MP - f.MP frame trap. There is no reason this should work since f.MP is only +1F and has an 8F startup. That means anything 6-7F should either trade the next f-MP yet people are so scared of hitting a button at that point that they end up delaying their input enough that the next f.MP counterhits them.

f.MP - cl.HP. Similar to f.MP - f.MP in that it shouldn’t really work, but like you say it can catch delayed inputs and you can reap monster damage/stun if you cancel into EX rocks.

Yeah, the most common frame trap that shouldn’t work but does is prob cl.HP (or cr.HP) - ex badstone. There is a 7F gap between the hp blockstun ending and the badstone becoming active.

Ex Zonk to Ultra 2. Only did it once but i ex zonked and it was blocked and i was fucked if i got punished as i had no health left so i just said screw it.
I felt like i needed to take a shower after doing it lol

On a side note i fucking love using safe jump/meaty, cr lp, cr fp xx ex rocks in the corner now. tried it out for the first time yesterday and it murders delay teching for such fat damage.

LP CU into cr.lp or cr.lk buffer mk ruffian to catch any normals the opponent presses after. Similar to using U2.

cr.lk xx hp criminal upper, fadc cl.hp. Ultra 2 on the counter hit.

Catches every crouch techer in the world but now people have learned to stand tech after the fadc lol

I guess I could try and list a few of the gimmicks I do now and then that work from time to time, that most likely haven’t already been listed:
[]Max range Cr.Mk, Cr.Lk, Lp Badstone/Kara dash
]Max/Medium range F.Mp, slight step forward/backward, Cr.Hp xx Ex Badstone (Confirm into U2 if you land a counterhit Cr.Hp)
[]Max range Zonk, EX Criminal Upper/EX Zonk
]On crouching opponents, wiff Crack Kick above them and follow it up immediately with EX Zonk.
[]Opponent in the corner and they block a jump in coming from the front, Cr.HP xx Lp Badstone, Cr.Hp xx Ex Badstone, Cr.Hp xx Lp Badstone, slight step forward into Cr.Lk xx Lp Criminal Upper. After the sequence, you can risk a follow up special/U2 after the Lp Criminal upper.
]Blocked cross up Mk, CH St.Hp, Cr.Hp xx Ender of choice
[]F.Mp, St.mp, Far St.Mp, EX Badstone/Zonk (You can also do Cr.HP/HK to catch far reaching normals if they poke them out.)
]Air to air J.Mp, dash under, EX Zonk
[*]Blocked J.Mk, Neutral J.Hp, Followed by Kara throw or pressure.
That’s all I can think of, off the top of my head. I’m sure I have plenty more that I use, but I’ll be sure to add them for you if I can think of any more lol.

j.hk EX Zonk. beats crouch techers and dp mashers

The one I seem to use most is probably cr jab x 2 walk back f+mp, but I’ve got to say I love it after I’ve got someone aware of my frame traps and I walk in (as if I’m going for a throw) and get CH close hp. Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I can’t count the times I have ended a string in L.CU or a real far push back of EX bingo and mash Ultra 2. lol I don’t know the feeling it must give people because I am unaware of how bad that must feel. I guess it’s comparable to Ryu jumping roundhouse followed by the throw. I still get caught by it.

I am copy and pasting off PR balrog from a casual set I had here in Miami and added my own idea: Sweep, untechable KD or after ultra 2 animation you immediatey wiff a lp. rock, dash foward throw. THen fake rocks, dash fwd throw again, then FADC light rocks ( I added this) and throw again/ counter hit. It’s really more of a disrespectful sequence. The next round the person will be agitated and want to throw the hell out of you, so be ready lol

This worked well on bison max range Cr.mK, lk,Cr.mk, lk,Cr.mk, lk, F.mp…depends on the player

F.Mp,lp,F.Mp,lp, F.Mp…

A funny trap i have been doin recently is a Crack kick to u1. Don’t know why it works but its funny as hell. It’s works best if you whiff the kick and do an U1 imedletly after I believe

Crank kick, f.mp, cr.lp, delay cr.lk for a split second then boom. Counter hit.

Back Throw, safe jump HK, then Cr. LP, Cl. HP. So delicious. If you go for grabs occasionally, the Cl. HP is almost guaranteed lol.