Favorite Hakan Win?

Come on, admit it: Everyone has one. After all, it’s the rub to playing a character that everyone in Japan considers to be the worst in the game (note to self, do not look at tier lists, they will just make you cry).

Once in awhile you come across a victory that feels like you are shouting “Hah! Eat that!” just by winning.

I hate to admit this, but I won my first match over a Dhalsim a few days ago, which was also against a high ranked one (C+, under the new, reset rankings). This had been my crowning achievement to this point because I had never been able to beat the stretchy bastard due to his fireball/teleport shenanigans.

Not to mention it serves as a good studying replay.

Anyone else?

dealing final hit to a pesky rush down doodley after he did EX cross counter then kneel down and die.

slide kill an EX seismo abusing C.Viper

Tricking a zangief into U1 while you charge up oiled EX dive to finish him off

U1-ing a rose who does soul satellite on your wake up


Definitely this game. We were so evenly matched in our D+ ratings!!

When I started with Hakan in Super I got a perfect against an Akuma player. I never get perfects with either of my two mains and got one with him! That’s why I really want to develop my Hakan for AE.

cringe I hate Hakan mirror matches. Not because they are hard, but because I get really self conscious against another Hakan player. I like to pretend I’m the only one (and when playing online, I can pretty much do that as I never see any others. lol).

Perfects don’t come often for Hakan, but when they do you really feel like you’ve put the boots to someone. I recently got a double perfect, AAA rating against a Fuerte that I like to watch when I get on losing streaks to remind myself that I don’t suck at the game.

Favorite win, however, has to be against one of the top ranked Viper’s as of right now on PSN. They didn’t know how to handle my blocking of seismo… and then I threw them. Hard.

Yay, throwing!

Just had a match not to long ago where I had it all but loss and figured the Ryu would try to chip me out and did a wake up U2 and he shoryukened and I won the match. I love little moments for that.

Favorite of all time? I’m a fledgling Hakan so I don’t have too many, but I’d put any comeback win or game where I pull multiple shenanigans as a " game that makes me giggle like Hakans daughter "

I do enjoy getting people to fall for U2 on their wakeup. The way I do the math, you can usually get just about every player to fall for this once. I’ve even done it against one of the highest ranking Viper’s on PSN. The move appears to have a few frames of invincible start up on it if you time it right…But, of course, you run the chance of leaving yourself open, laying in an oily pile on the floor and waiting to get thwomped.

I most enjoy the wins where they spend the entire match chipping my health down, just for me to stick them in a position where they just need one more hit to win. People play their most erratic and unrational at the point where they think they have it in the bag. Great time to strike a comeback.

When I play a U2 Abel, he’s low on health but still has U2 so I wakeup slide and he reversals U2. ARMOR BREAK LOLOLOL FTW