Favorite Ishiwatari Tracks

I was listening to the BB soundtrack at work today, so I was kind of inspired. What are your favorite tracks by one of the best VG composers of the past decade?

I’d personally have to say:

Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) - Ky’s Theme from GGX and XX
Awe of She - Dizzy’s Theme
Get Down to Business - Order Sol’s Theme
The Midnight Carnival - Boss I-No’s theme
Awakening the Chaos - Nu’s theme
Blood Pain - BB Same Character Theme
Gale - Bang’s Theme

out of BlazBlue - Susanoo; Awakening the Chaos



A Solitude that Asks Nothing in Return
Feel a Fear
Get Down to Business
Haven’t You Got Eyes in Your Head? (SAXOPHONE! Such a weird and slick track, music to Dandy Step [or BDC Mappa Hunch] by…)
Keep the Flag Flying
Keep Yourself Alive 2 (this song just has a poetic synergy with Wild Throw -> Dust Loop combos)
Momentary Life (SHAMISEN!)
Still in the Dark (my favorite Assassins theme)


Lust Sin
Imperial Code
Motor Head (killer bass…even better than Potemkin’s theme, which is awesome in its own right…best song in BlazBlue, hands down)

Resembling some kind of order I guess…

-Cat Attached to the Rust
-Curtain Call
-No Mercy
-Make Oneself
-Haven’t You Got Eyes in Your Head
-Keep Yourself Alive 3
-Holy Orders 2
-Blue Water Blue Sky
-Awe of She
-Till Next Time
-Sheep Will Sleep
-Fatal Duel

Midnight Carnival
Awakening the Chaos
Blood Pain
Under Heaven Destruction
Awe of She
No Mercy
Lust Sin

I loved the Isuka music and BB and Overture definitely had some greats but The Missing Link started it all for me so I gotta say that whole soundtrack. The Korean version of #Reload, was that Ishiwatari?

Wait, you mean there’s more than one? Because it sure sounds like it.

Nope, produced by a totally different band.




Ishiwatari is fucking rad for instrumentals.

Is “everything he ever did” a valid option? :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually like the Korean version of Potemkin’s theme better than Burly Heart: [media=youtube]yDOacBbHXGU[/media]

I like Daisuke’s version better but the Korean #Reload ost is still pretty good.

Hair metal.


He will be attending at fanime this year, only a month away :slight_smile:

nightmare fiction (hazama vs ragna theme)

amongst others

I like how that sounds closer to his heavier Guilty Gear stuff compared to the more symphonic style he used in BlazBlue.

Keep the Flag Flying
Holy Orders (GGX, Overture)
Writhe in Pain (GGX)
A Fixed Idea (All of Them)
Conclusion (GG, Revision)
Love Letter From (GG, Revision)
Meet Again (All of them)
No (GG)
Suspicious Cook (All of Them)
Sheep Will Sleep
Riches in Me
The Irony Of Chaste
The Midnight Carnival (All)
Fatal Duel
Momentary Life (GGX)
Bloodstained Lineage (GGX)
Suck a Sage (GGX)
Beyond The Dark Life
Walk In The Dusk
Good Manners And Customs
Keep in Gates
Get Down to Business
Worthless as the Sun Above Clouds
The Man

Blood Pain
Imperial Code
Under Heaven Destruction
Lust SIN
Queen of rose
Awakening The Chaos
Endless Despair
Nightmare Fiction
Condemnation Wings
Memory of Tears

as far as i remember right now

shade celebration -(ggxxreload)
jams theme - ggx