Favorite Judge in Judgment?


Now I know that there are a few judges when it goes down to JUDGMENT. Which judge is your favorite? The one in Jockey clothes is nice but seems to always vote against me.



Effie’s a jerk.

Let us hotlink out, fighting street, this is important polling business.




I hate how they treat science like a God.

Why don’t they just say, we’re only going to be able to do it if we TRY.

Try and try again.


RUSSIAN POOFY JACKET GIRL. Wish she had brown hair, though. Anything but blonde really. I just don’t see her wanting me, otherwise. ;_;


Effie’s not in this poll?

You suck, Roshihikari. Tokura’s better than you sucka.


The three judges, appearing after a Double KO, are determined by stage, not by characters or other influences. They always appear in the same order.

stuntin is a habit, put it in the air.


obviously the black fruit booter.


That’s what im sayin.