Favorite/Least favorite character designs


When I say character design. I’m not talking how they fight or their personality. I’m talking about how they dress, their body and just overall appearance. What character you feel sells themselves off their looks alone, the best/worst?

The best IMO is Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers. I forget where I read this. But a article described Morrigan as what you get when you take the best parts of Chun-Li, Mai Shuranui, put’em together and goth it up, and I agree. She has the sex appeal of Mai and the toughness of Chun-Li ( not to mention an ass like hers too ). She’s revealing like Mai but not too much, which is where again the Chun-Li side comes in.

Worst IMO is Mokap from Mortal Kombat. He’s what happens when the deadline for the game is approaching. You don’t have time to put the character in the game but you have the motion capture for the character. So you just put the guy who did the motion capture in the game and call it a day.

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