Favorite 'lower tier' team

link me to a favorite teams thread if there is one, but i couldnt find it after a couple of searches. the closest i saw was a favorite character from 2004 but i figure this is different and later enough.

im just wondering what the favorite TEAMS (or at least top characters) are excluding magneto/storm/cable/sentinel

at the moment i’m using either charlie/guile as an anchor, rotating sakura, spidey and captain commando for the other 2 slots. 90% of the time guile, sakura and the captain.

so lets hear yours :qcf: :2p:

team shoto is my personal fav.
good keep away and zoning with ryu’s tk-hadoken + akuma and ken’s glitch
sometimes i uses iceman,gulie/ken.doom the deadly chiping team
call doom to protect u when u icebeam and cut off their sj.ability with hp icebeam

Well, I could play something like Spidey/Sammy/Doom if I’m really bored.

my favorite low tier team, right now… is

Ruby/Samurai/Doom aka my cheap-ass chip damage team… :rofl: :lol:

Ruby heart/Doom chips ALOT and builds ALOT of meter for samurai (he nees 3-4 meters to be dangerous, without meter hes not a threat, and he cant really build it for himself)

The chip damage that you do on their point character is almost as much as the real damage you do on them…
Once i build up 4 or 5 meters with ruby, i either 1) make sure they are blocking then call doom then do ghosts super (qcb+2k) then DHC to Star Super (qcf+2p) and the ghosts are still on screen, so you get a chance to call doom again while they are in block stun and you chip 'em with fierce stars or 2) try to do short, short XXorange ball super DHC right away to lighning super ( then mash like hell :karate: ) or… wait for them to call assist then call doom AA +do orange ball super DHC right away to rameiken lightning super, and mash like crazy and that takes off ALOT from their assist. then whenever i get the chance, i call out doom , and throw the fierce stars (Qcf+fierce)and if they make the mistake of callin out their assist, then its time for some more lightning. :karate: Try crossing em up by jumping over them then when doom is behind them and they are blocking throw a fierce star, the chip damage is crazy :karate: If their point character is blocking , and you call doom then do fierce star, then do fierce star XX star super, look at the life bar… that chip damage does almost as much as a super, and it doesnt give em any meter since they are blocking. the star super does more damage if they are blocking then it does if they are not blocking (especially when they are gettng chipped by doom’s assist too :karate: ) (also, you cant escape it ,as far as i know, you cant jump out of the way of the star super once they block the fierce star, If they are right next to you they have to take the chip from the super if they block the fierce star… just 2-in-1 cancel the star to the star )

^^^^ Yeah i remember that team this past sat, but lol, i dont think doom is low tier. But anyways good team. MInes is spidey,ken, samurai.

ah mine is ken/cycke/Ironman does its wonders

Read my sig. Been playing with that team for YEARS, and they haven’t let me down to this day. Sometimes, I even swap Roll out for Servbot, which gives my opponents a -serious- headache because of two things:

  1. I know how to pin them into taking full or at least decent chip from Lunch Rush (C.LK, C. LK, Kobun Tank XX Lunch Rush);

  2. I know how to RUN. Servbot can’t take hits vewwy well, does he?

Completely low tier?

Rogue/Megaman/xxx (sometimes Akuma)
Team Shoto


Omega Red/Cable/Doom
Omega Red/Sent/xxx

I’m also working on a son son team and occasionally play gambit, ice man, ryu, silver samurai, venom, collosus, hulk, megaman, charlie, and others.

I always play lower tier when I can, but for a while I had a really nice streak with Gambit/Chun/'Gief, surprisingly. I got pretty good at superjumping, then cancelling into FAB as a weird, ghetto ass anti air. :lol:

Some characters I specifically really like, though:

Charlie - lp sonic boom is a fun little cover to run behind, and of course, rushing that shit down with moonsault slash. It may not be overhead (oh man, if it was… O_O) but it can cross over and let assists hit

Omega Red - Mm, coils.

Rogue - Actually pretty good at rushdown, an unblockable command throw is fun, too. XD

Juggs - C’mon, he’s Juggs. And j.lp > you.

Dhalsim is also awesome, and I know this guy who owns with him, but I can’t use him for shit.


Cyc is mid, but if he’s a low tier, he’s the best low tier I ever seen.

Both Cyke and Ironman are considered non god but still top tier characters.

I think that my old post got deleted, so my old fav low tier team was Spidey/Doom/Capcom or Jill. I should rep this team in casuals again just for fun. I’m not good enough to challenge top tiers with low tiers :pleased:

My new team that I like but am not that good at using, is Anakaris/Dhalsim/Cyke or Sonson.

Dude any team with sent in it or storm alone is not lowtier because of there advantages.

I need abit of help now.

I was thinking of making a Ken/Storm/Jin(Expansion) team. The only part I don’t get is, can Ken combo anything off from Jin’s assist? Or in otherwords, will any of the characters benefit from Jin?

In the past, I’ve played Venom, Silversam, and Juggernaut with Jin’s expansion assist. All were decent imo. Too bad though that Jin’s actually a crappy character to play as :sad:

Although I did beat a team scrub one time(real long time ago) with Guile/Jin/Capcom. Boy that guy was so mad after that :clap:

Um ken should be able to c. lk, c. hp (launch) into hurricane kick combo off of it and storm should be able to standing rh (launch) or c. lk, standing rh off of it.

If you mean his AAA then i think you can try to hail off of it.

BB Hood/Dr Doom/Iron Man. This team has everything except a far reaching AA like psy or commando, and fast characters other than that it has stuff even top tier teams dont have.

Ok i fucked it. Ken/Shuma/<Random Third Char> works for me these days. I just can’t seem to like using top tiers anymore.

For non top tiers, I wanna learn…

Rogue/Strider/Doom (Strider/Doom is not big 4-ish right?)
Megaman/Doom/CapCom (CapCom counts right?)
Strider/Blackheart/Cyke (what I call SBC)
Ironman/Blackheart/Cyke (what I call IBC)

Usually teams that revolve around…

Strider, Doom, Cyke, CapCom, Megaman, Ironman, Blackheart, and Rogue. Hope this count.

my teams revolve around lil miss tron bonne over here…mainly a guile,jill,colossus,silsam,amingo,ruby,thanos mix…feeling kinda guilty as tron’s assist usually does way more against low tiers, and any one + tron becomes twice as deadly…

some things i like to do with point + tron:

Jill : c.lk, c.lk +tron XX elbow tackle XX hyper elbow tackle. or you could do the whole magic too, but i like the damage.

actually all this is pretty basic stuff, coz with tron assist any low short can turn into a super damaging combo.


You’re from Singapore? Do you go to Bugis?