Favorite Mag combos?

tj.hk c.lp + Sent-A s.mk dash c.hp sj.hp addf hp hk c.hk for over 50% damage :slight_smile:

With Storm next in line, with at least 2.5 bars of meter:

tj.hk c.lp + Sent-A s.mk dash c.hp sj.lp sj.lk sj.mp sj.mk HG xx MT sj.lk sj.mk aduf sj.lp sj.lk sj.mp sj.mk HG xx MT DHC to Hailstorm

EDIT: The best thing about using c.lp s.mk after a jump-in is that you rarely have to dash in after you land to have it combo.

launch,sj.hk,addf,sj.lk,sj.lk[rom for few reps],dash to other side,cr.hk xx sj xx add.hk,cr.hk xx sj.lk,sj.lk[rom for few reps]dash to other side launch into 5fierce.
seldom works though :karate:

Are people holding down-forward when you ROM them? If that’s the case, just wait a bit longer for the 2nd set of lks. :stuck_out_tongue:

c.hk sj add sj.hk land c.hk sj lp add sj.lk [whiff] tri jump sj.hk c.lk+sent-a c.lk dash in launch 5 fierce then stay crouched at the end of the 5 fierce then tri-jump hk c.lk9sent-a c.lk dash in launch 5 fierce agn he should be dead by now

seldom works as in most people i played block the other side when i rom them,so when i crossup its usually blocked :sad:

So just reset while staying on the same side.

My favorite combo is easily ROM inf, s.hk xx grav xx tempest —> dash backwards and short short em again after they roll, or rush em down.

i like doing tj.lk,lp,lk, s.lp + storm, c.hk, storm hits, c.rh, rom.

also i like tj.lk,lp,lk, s.lp, s.lp + storm, sj.lp,lk,rh(knocks them into storm assist, land, c.rh, rom

slide infinite, after any c.hk you tag to ironman and infinite to proton cannon. one super, kills them.

for show i like to use most of his infinites in one combo

[tj.lk, hk] few reps, slide infinite few reps, rom a few reps, then rom with a s.hkxxsj variation, end it with lk+psy, hp xx MT

right now i’m workin on getting this down:

s.lp, s.hk (1hit) xx sj xx ad/d lk, lk /

i know its all show, but it feels damn good to show it off :slight_smile:

i got a similar one i’m working on. launch with storm proj. hp, air dash down forward hp, land if you timed it right they should hit storms proj. then dash forward standing lp, standing hk 1 hit super jump cancel into rom.

Instead of relying on SJ-cancelling the s.hk, you can do c.hp+Storm-proj sj.hp addf sj.hp sj.hk land (wait for typhoon to stop hitting) c.hk - this produces the same overhead effect as Psylocke AA c.lk c.hk so you can go directly into ROM from that.

prolly cause sj.canceling is harder and requires more skill
btw did u guys find canceling c.mp into hypergrav hard? i think its hard to do consistently but i can do it…