Favorite Marvel Character

There’s so many awesome characters to choose from. Sorry if you like DC :P, but this is a Marvel only thread. If you post a pic of Batman, you will be dismembered, and thrown into a vat of oil. Just tell me your favorite characters, and we’ll discuss them.
Here’s my Top 5 (in order):

#5 The Hulk (yay for remaking the movie!)
#4 Ironman!!(can’t wait for the new movie, it looks incredible)
#3 Captain America!! (yay, there’s a movie comming out in 2009!)
#2 Spidey!!

btw, Wolverine and Cyclops almost made the cut, but I had to narrow it down to 5.

Here’s my list. No specific order. Just how they come to my mind.

Silver Surfer - My childhood favorite still owns a 57% stake in my heart. That makes him majority owner. When I was a kid, I liked him 'cause I thought it was amazing to be able to go into space and surf anywhere, and to be able to shoot crazy RON LIM POWERBLASTS. As I got older, and maybe even a little bit more mature, it struck me how poignant the concept of his character is. He’s basically a messiah, except that the world rejects him. And he can shoot RON LIM POWERBLASTS.

Daredevil - If I knew this dude in real life, I doubt I’d want to be his friend. Dude’s a straight blowhard, an arrogant, self-righteous jackass. And a shyster. But there have been so many great stories in his comics over the years. All that Frank Miller stuff, the Bendis stuff, and now Brubaker. DD is just fascinating. I think he really goes to show that you don’t have to have a completely likable protagonist in order to tell memorable stories.

Spider-Man - Mary Jane loves Spider-Man. So do I. Come to think of it, I also love Gwen Stacy.

Cyclops - I used to not really like him when I was a kid, but in retrospect, I believe that was because his voice actor in the '90s cartoon sucked ass. That cartoon’s writing, and the voice actor, really made Cyke out to be a tightwad boy scout wuss. Everything he said was like, “No, Wolverine, you can’t DO that!” before getting elbowed in the ribs by Wolverine, doubling over in pain, shutting up, and letting Wolverine DO that. However, over the years, as I read more good comics, I gained a steady respect for him. (Plus, I like to pick him in MvC2.) I like Cyclops because he isn’t the stereotypical team leader. He’s got an insecurity to himself that makes him a great character.

(My other favorite X-Men are Nightcrawler, Archangel, Kitty Pryde, and Cable. But Cyclops is worth a spot in my top tier of favorite Marvel characters overall.)

Mister Sensitive - I love X-Statix. The characters all got a lot of love and development. Mister Sensitive and U-Go Girl had a super memorable story. I can’t really think of any other Marvels that touched me like that last X-Force arc right before it turned into X-Statix. Also, the X-Statix Vs. Avengers story, and the Mister Sensitive Vs. Iron Man story is one of the very best single issue fights ever. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scratch your balls in between pages.
Captain America** - I consider myself very patriotic and extremely pro-America. Can’t get much more patriotic than Captain America, baby… Living legend of World War II. A lot of times, I used to have the same problems with Cap that I had with Cyclops, but usually when a good guy writes the stories, I really enjoy his portrayal. I think he tends to be more interesting in Avengers comics, but I did enjoy most of the MK Cap series, and Bru has brought the heat. My other favorite Avengers are Hawkeye, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Thor… But Cap is just on the top tier of all-time Marvel faves. Cap is the perfect medium for my patriotism and my love of four-color fisticuffs.

Jessica Jones - I think Alias is one of the best things Marvel ever did. 'Cause it was a 28 issue character study, it just seems that Jessica is more real and more fleshed out than most comic characters. Like most any character in the classic, mighty Marvel manner, Jessica has some major character flaws, but you end up rooting for her nonetheless.

My favorite is Magneto…cuz he can ROM people.

if you don’t know…

deadpool by far

Yeah, for me, Deadpool, Agent X and Taskmaster are all up there. Also gotta love The Captain and Aaron Stack from Nextwave.

Fuck yeah.

EDIT: Taskmaster is on my list.
_____I like Gambit, When I was younger I completely loved him.
_____And Deadpool

The Hood
Emma Frost

Iron Fist
Dr. Strange
Captain America
Dr. Doom

Mag fucking neto.

Spider-Man’s my favorite. Followed by Wolverine.

Like 99% of the rest of humanity, my favorite Marvel character is Spidey, but Cap is right up there. The nature of his design and his back story make him a great vehicle for the discussion of larger ethical issues with regards to patriotism and the use of power, and he can also bust people’s faces with his shield when he has a good reason for it.


Oh, yeah, and the Whizzer is great, mainly because the Flash wishes he had such a cool name.

I like The Punisher not because of his violent tendency’s but the fact that every Marvel superhero thinks he isn’t a hero. I actually got a chuckle out of the scene during the Civil War arc where Captain America recruited him to his side and everyone immediately though Cap had gone crazy.

Next in line is a toss up between Iron Fist and Deadpool.

Number one is a tough one, probably Thanos for me. I just love that everything he does is extremely thought out, also his character developed very nicely in the later '90s :slight_smile:

After that is a toss up between deadpool and spidey, i think deadpool’s funnier, and his 1997 run showed some really good parts of his personality (seems like i’m a fan of the late 90s haha). Though spidey is more of a life long friend for me, always has been there for me and i’m just discovering deadpool in the past couple of years.

I want to say Adam Warlock, but honestly he cries too much =/

Next would probably be Surfer, it’d be great to have near infinite power with nothing to do but wander the whole universe just pondering what life is all about!



Venom and Spiderman

Norman Osborn

Sabretooth - Death Hunt was brilliant.

Nate Grey - He moved to Dublin!


Gambit - Always like his character.

Black Widow - Another interesting character.

Dr. Strange - Very different to other mainstream heroes.



Of course Dr. Victor Von Doom.

After that it’s Venom, Cyclops, Gambit, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, and others(can’t think right now). Oh and I like the Avengers Trinty: Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.

Hm Sentry… nah nah screw the John Cena of comics
Hulk Luke Cage Thing Gambit Venom and Doc strange in no praticular order

Had some time to think about it, my 10 favorite and here’s why -

  1. Spider-Man - First comic I ever got was Spider-Man #269 and I’ve been hooked on comics since. My favorite superhero. I dig how his life as Peter Parker tends to be screwed up but putting on the costume and making fun of villains is how he covers up for it, the same way class clowns do (oh I was a big time class clown lol). Most of the time he can always give me a laugh, even the old Lee / Ditko stories still make me laugh out loud now and again.

  2. Wolverine - For a different reason entirely. Ever had someone cut you off in traffic or just piss you off? Those are times you wish you could become Wolverine for 2 seconds and either threaten someone hard or chop them up into little pieces. Wolvie’s the man! I wish Marvel would give him back his balls and let him smoke and ride his Harley again…

  3. Nightcrawler - I’ve always loved how he was fun and adventurous and came to terms with his appearance long ago. He was really at his best when Cockrum (RIP) was drawing him (fairy tale pirate story FTW) and when he was leading Excalibur under Alan Davis. Too bad that since leaving Excalibur no one knows what to do with him, he’s basically furniture now. Hey Marvel, Thunderbird 2.0 is with X-Force now, get that Nightcrawler / Hepzibah romance going! Least until Corsair comes back to life that is. :rofl: My favorite match for him is still Cerise of Excalibur. Him dating his foster sister Amanda Sefton is all kinds of nasty… BTW Nightcrawler turning into Belasco the way he did in Earth X is my ideal future for him. It’s not because I hate Nightcrawler or anything, but that was one of the things in Earth X that made a lot of sense. It would be great to see the religous Nightcrawler turn into one of Marvel’s devils, least as a possible X-future. Or… an X-past / present since in Earth X it turned out that Belasco was always Nightcrawler, lol it’s tricky to explain. TIME TRAVEL! Okay maybe not that tricky to explain… :sweat:

  4. Doctor Doom - Greatest villain EVER! Hell he inspired Darth Vader for crying out loud. DOOM REQUIRES NO FURTHER EXPLANATION! Well to stretch this out a bit, one of my favorite Doom stories was when he wasn’t in charge of Latveria and that place went bananas, the people went nuts and started killing each other in the streets! The Fantastic Four had to fight hard to get Doom back as the ruler of Latveria, that place really needs him. Doom’s pimp hand is way too strong! :pray:

  5. Mister Sinister - My favorite X-Men villain, because Inferno is still my favorite X-Men event of all time. A big reason for that is because I’m from NY and seeing statues come to life and attack people would be such a trip. Another reason is that pretty much everyone involved in Inferno no matter what book you looked at - Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor and even non related X books like Spider-Man really did a bang up job of showing hell in NY. Aside from that, it was a dynamite story. Back to Sinister, I’ve always loved characters who tend to be in the background pulling a lot of strings. Still, I don’t think he’s been used right since Inferno, except for Messiah Complex, thanks Bru and Carey! :tup: His origin that came out years after Inferno was pretty dope, LOL he’s not even a Mutie man that’s a big time schemer. :rofl: I’m sure he’ll be back. He ALWAYS comes back. :tup:

  6. Venom, Eddie Brock - Heh, I suppose anyone who mentions Venom is a product of reading comics in the 90s, ha ha! Amazing Spider-Man #300 had such a great effect on me growing up. Love evil Spidey. :lovin:

  7. OG Hobgoblin - Man trying to figure out who the Hobgoblin was back in the day was really a head trip. I still remember when the mask came off and everyone got psyched out, thinking it was Flash Thompson for a bit. :rofl: As soon as they decided to add to his origin and change things up that kind of messed up the character for me. Would still be nice to see him pop up though.

  8. Sabretooth - I’ve always liked the way he goes after Wolverine and either kills or tries to kill all of his lovers. Like he has said before, he won’t let Wolverine be happy for one second. They’ve fought 100s of times but I can read these guys fight 1,000s of times, it’s always a lot of fun. Victor Creed taunting Logan is the best.

  9. Hulk - Peter David really did a lot for the character and once he introduced all of the personalities in his mind he became really interesting. World War Hulk was excellent too. :woot:

  10. Psylocke - I really didn’t have any females here so I saved the last spot for 'Locke. Ninja slut FTW! :lovin:

Honorable mentions go out to Cyclops, Iron Man, Captain America, Deadpool, Magneto, Rogue, Storm, Dr. Strange and Shuma-Gorath (obscurity LOL) who would of made the list if it was more than 10, but if I start tossing in everybody I like I’ll never get done… There’s lots of non powered human characters related to Spider-Man that I love like Mary Jane, JJJ and Flash Thompson but I figured a top ten list should be focused on heroes and villains. Probably forgetting about a ton of characters too. :looney: