Favorite Marvel Character

Punisher, Venom, Silver Samurai, Iron Man/War Machine and maybe Deadpool.

  1. Spider-man:
    Growing up, I love how agile he was and how he used his powers and his scientific skill to beat his enemies. I really liked his story and the various comics he has. It blew my mind when he got the Vemon suit. He was badass. And he was so normal too. Hardly had any money…

2.** The Hulk**:
I can relate to the Hulk. Bitches won’t leave me alone and I wanting to smash them. The Hulk drwas his power from his rage. How can you not like that? He’s strong, agile, and destructive.

  1. Wolverine:
    He’s a savage badass. And he can heal from (nearly)anything. His story is great too I always likes the little rivalry between him and Cyclops.

  2. Venom:
    C’mon. A much stronger more brutal version of Spider man? And he wears black too? WIN.

  3. Magneto:
    His determination is astounding, his powers are badass and his costume is badass. I found follow him. If I was a mutant, I would join Magneto.

6.** Storm**:
Storm is sexy. I know it. You know it. We all know it. And she has all that power to boot not to mention a banging body.:wink:

  1. X-23:
    A young hot chick with no problem slaying those before her? And she wears black? And she can fight? That’s all I need. Plus she has Wolverines abilities.

I really like Charles Xavier. You don’t always see a character who handles dealing with adolescent kids who can barely fathom the idea that they are mutants AND crazy loonies like Logan. Hes also pretty much the poster boy for the good side of mutants I guess.

captain marvel circa criss cross days. that book was too good.

every blackman loves spidey.

Feeling a little mainstream, huh? :rofl:

Greatest Avengers ever. Also greatest Fantastic Four team members ever. Man Spidey’s FF costume with a bag on his head and a ‘Kick Me’ sign on his back owns all. :arazz:

LOL! :rofl:

Spider-Man vs. Wolverine was the best. Classic! Wolvie’s girlfriend wanted him to kill her, Spidey got in the way and he and Wolvie started fighting. During the fight she tapped Spidey on the shoulder while he was giving Wolvie full force punches and Spidey turned and gave her a full force punch in the face KILLING HER! :wow: Wolvie told him to forget about it, that she wanted to die and she knew that surprising Spidey during the fight would be a good way to bite it. I wish that story was mentioned more (though people tend not to reference stories older than 5 years for the most part anyway except for big stuff), Spider-Man the murderer. :rofl: As he got on the plane leaving the country, he kept remembering the panel of him punching that lady in the face. This was also the story where Ned Leeds got murdered too oooh poor Ned Leeds. :wasted:

Captain America
Doctor Doom


When did this happen?!?!?!

Morph was cool.

Spider-Man vs. Wolverine! If you see at a backbin or a con check it out. More info -


Spider-Man vs. Wolverine.

Nightcrawler; he’s a mutant with morals…

Hulk, cause he breaks shit for absolutely no reason.


Is that what they based that recent What If comic off of?

Caliban’s dead :sad:



Seriously, that was too damn funny.

oh nice choice! :slight_smile:

Yeah the one that came out last month. Totally forgot about that. :smile:

I didn’t know that :wonder:

I just thought it was a kooky thing with an angrier Spidey.

And eesh, I hate Gladiator so much. Some broken-ass space alien with purple skin? I want Sentry or post-WWH Hulk to just go nuts and break him in half and throw him into the sun.

  1. Havoc
    he is the cooler brother if you ask me
    2.Cosmic spiderman in the what -if comic
    too hardcore!
    Black woman, Thick,smart,Beautiful and powerful
    …MVC2 LOL

DeadPool’s my all time fav. comic book character, perhaps period. I’ve never heard of him before til I read about Weapon X on the net (I was searching cuz I was curious about Omega Red’s line in the games ‘I ____ to destroy The Weapon X!’, AND Logan was part of Weapon X, so).
Anyway I read a little background on him, but not much.
He became my no. 1 fav. comic book character thanks to Civil War; while reading thru the series in it’s given order, I reached C&D CW Tie-in #1, I read Wade’s intro to what has happened previously, I read how he’s fighting the Great Lakes in order to impress the black and white suits, and then they break it to me; HE WAS SAYING EVERYTHING OUT LOUD! I immediatly went into a laughing hysteria of sorts. The fun was just begging tho; learning about how the GL had in fact registered, how he wasn’t an X-Men nor Mutant no matter what he said, etc. etc. and to top it off, he referred to the Secret Avengers WITH THEIR FAKE NAMES!
Man that was too much, but as you can see he’s been my fav. since then.

Other Marvel characters that are my fav.-
Taskmaster- His Photographic skills make him a pretty interesting and unique 'villian’
Colossus- I guess it’s cuz of his built since he looks cool. He’s my fav. X-Men BTW.
Nightcrawler- My very first fav. of the X-Men, I was a kid when I first saw him, so ya know.
Cyclops- For being underated despite also being one of the most badass X-Men out there.

Nothing much wrong with that in a pro-Marvel thread.

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