Favorite Mechanics in a Fighting Game?

So, what’s your favorite fighting game mechanic (for instance, SFIII’s parry system, SFIV’s focus attack, Alpha 3 X-Ism system, etc.).

My number one is Third Strike’s parry system. I have to say, I loved the ability that, no matter how top tier my opponent’s character was, if I was good enough, I could just parry his attacks.

My second would be the Vampire Savior push-back system. It was a great way to reset.

What about you guys and why?

  • Tryken/Ryan

I’ll list my favs and non favs here.


  • Guard Break/Meter (makes any game more offensive)
  • Focus Attacks (just another away to go in on an opponent)

Non Favs:

  • Shortcut inputs (I know Capcom’s just making SF4 beginner friendly, but I just doesn’t feel right when moves come out w/o having to really put in the inputs stated in the moves list. I think that it just promotes mashing.)
  • Air dashing (I might change my mind after MvC3 comes out, but I never really liked this feature especially in BB games.)

Magic series a pseudo scrub friendly addition that actually made games faster.
And cancels enough said.

I like hitstun.

Guilty Gear Mechanics

I, too, enjoy this feature. Let me also mention that I have a PHD in Metaphysics.

Second for me would be UOH like in 3rd strike, so you know you can combo off of an overhead.

hating on airdashes is like hating on running or dashing; dumb

hahaha i like this thread so far

Parries: As a defensive option I love this.
Faultless guard
Stat building taunts: I like the fact that I can use it for more than pissing off my opponent
Ring outs: Admittedly, I use these as a clutch. I absolutely suck at Soul Calibur and this is how I win

Guard breaks: I’m a defense oriented player so I naturally dislike this. I don’t like being punished for putting up a defense.
Charging: A problem I had with older KoF games. I didn’t like that charging was the best way to build meter. Also dislike it in DBZ and Naruto games.

blocking is cool. throwing is fine too

UN-favs shit List:
#1 Parries, Repels, Sabakis, whatever the fuck KOF XII had.
#2 Custom Combos
And in no order:
–Link-heavy combo systems
–Specific buttons for actions that SHOULD be input as directions (Run, Guard, etc.)
–Characters with too many overlapping inputs (Krauser in 98UM, EVERYBODY in SF4 due to the retarded input system)
–Being immune to throws when in the start-up frames of an attack
–Simple modes that encourage mashing buttons rather than easing into proper gameplay
–Loops that take 30 seconds to do 20% damage
–Just-frame windows

–Throwing an opponent in hitstun
–Power-up modes
–Being able to clash/hit away projectiles
–Moves where you can set something up on the screen and keep it there
–In SNK games when they give a character a counter or command grab when they don’t even really need one
–Moves that power-up when used in conjunction (ex. Andrew’s Eagle Break + Eagle Arrow in SS Tenka)
–Ring-outs via throws

Anything that adds more movement options to a game: IAD, short hop, wave dash…

I love shorthops, the arcana system, character specific mechanics akin to order sol’s/kazuki’s, taunts that buff, various sorts of cancels, any sort of install, and focus attacks.

I hate pushblock and ultras.

I’m just going to leave this here:


Chip damage.

Also, anything that leads into an unblockable setup.

I like me some:

Alpha counters.
Guard meter/break.
Over heads.
Rolls/maybe dodge.
Pursuit downed opponent (Vamp Sav.).
Custom Combo Blowout from Alpha 2.
Super jump.
Short hop.

cross ups
parries with recovery, a la tekken. also reversal moves and reversal-reversal moves (chickens).
super jump cancels

LOL… I knew I was going to get ragged on if I said air dashing. That’s why I was very specific with my words. I said AIR dashing not dashing or running in general. I guess I just like my fighting games to be more grounded, than spending most of my time fighting in the air. (Would that mean super jumps are classified as well?) o.O;


wtf? What game ever has done this, that’s retarded.

I like runs! The KOF way, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone whiff a laggy move, being able to run in quickly, and punish it with a maximum damage combo. Also gives a great possibility for performing pressure.