Favorite Mechanics in a Fighting Game?

Parrying is just too defensive oriented.

Likewise, guardcrushes are too offensive without some kind of ‘GTF off me!’ that doesn’t sacrifice guard meter (or super meter).

If Alpha 3 had something like pushblock, where you can’t just mindlessly run down an opponent’s guard meter until they’re opened for a major combo, I’d think it a much better game. Note, though, that I’m not in favor of giving the defender free damage for a block (coughAlphacounterahem). This GTF off move would be something to make the opponent be pushed back father, or stun them only long enough for blockstun to end, and resetting the situation.

Another mechanic I like is choosing when to rise when knocked down. CvS2 had this mostly right, with knockdowns being tech-rollable in some grooves, or ‘playing possum’ for an extra few moments to make an autopiloting player whiff a meaty attempt in others. This isn’t too much of an advantage for the person knocked down, because they’re still in a bad situation. This just makes it so it’s not completely hopeless.

so you dont like games with hops like kof either?

i still cant understand how people can hate a mechanic that makes the air a real viable dimension for the battle, not saying that you, but many people says that they hate it because it ruins the spacing game, when it only adds another layer of depth

how the hell are the alpha counter free, if they cost metter (you would hate to fight baiken btw :rofl:)

so you want a sort of faultless defense combined with just deffense

The Stand mechanic from the old JoJo game(s). Also, the magic series, guard break, dizzies and custom combos. They all make it just funner, except I don’t like the magic series if there is NO other way to link, a too limited magic series is actually pretty bad.

Virtua Fighter. :X

(I don’t think he meant that game because it works just fine there)

I like weird character specific mechanics like in Arc System Works’ games.

Tobal no.2 does that also. Tobal 2 also had counters moves that worked in a fighter.

i generally hate universal answers, so gg/sf2 style char design w/ char specific stuff is my fave.

also attack startup always beat out throws in kof12. that had the best throw system in a 2d fighter imo because it heavily discouraged mashing option select 2 frame 1 button antiair normals (thanks to that and the fact that they’re a 2 button command). even though they always lose to strikes they were decent as long as your offense was solid because they’re instant, untechable and do decent damage.

Universal overhead is a must in my opinion.

Also stun bars should be standard.

Instant Blocking from BB.

Slash/Bust and Power/Speed from Samurai Shodown and Last Blade

Everyone having the same overhead is a must? :expressionless:
How about giving them different overheads?
Or have some characters with no overheads at all? (ST guile for example)

Just defense, and ST’s throw mechanics.

specials that require mashing. i just love pushing buttons after i having to calculate every step i do, it’s a great stress reliever

In case you didn’t understand my image, the point is that often airdashes are a natural fit because the games they’re in have a lot stronger zoning or at least horizontal reach of normals due to the addition of weapons and whatnot, or even anti-airs that go into pressure if blocked by special means in the air. Air dashes don’t ruin the ground game or anything like that necessarily, they’re a natural response to other conditions being different.

Bushido Blade: open area(not just the typical standard FG “box”) & the opportunity to get maimed or killed in one hit(kept you on your toes)
Power Stone: no blocking(you better catch whats thrown at you or run like a Bitch!)
SF III: parrying of course!

if the overhead has diferent startup times, or ways to mixup them i dont see a problem, gg has universal overheads (dust)
and that doenst take away the diversity of the cast in any way

How many games do you know with characters that have a power up feature? Besides the universal power ups in Tekken and TvC, I don’t think I really know of any others. Oh, no there were also some in MvC2 too. I’m so so with ring outs. I had played a fighter called Fighter’s Destiny on the N64. I didn’t really like it. The graphics were pretty and the character designs were pretty bad too. What annoyed me most was the knock down mechanic. Match victories are determined if you are knocked down, thrown down, or knocked out of the ring. It was just annoying.

I favor the parries most in Tekken and counters in just about any fighter.

Battle Fantasia, everyone has the Heatup System, but the benefits that they gain are very diferent from character to character
Sol with his dragon instal
Order Sol with his charge system that change the propierties of their moves
jhonny with his coins
Abba with her Mahora mode
Ex Dizzy with her Necro Install

Hakumen with Mugen
Tsubaki with her Instal Drive and her distortion Drive
Ragna with Blood Kain
Bang with Furinkazan

Hokuto no Ken
Thouther with his install
Kenshiro, Raoh and Toki have some sort of install too

Ougon Musou Kyoku
Everyone has different boost or abilities on the Meta World

to name some chars and games with this feature, im sure that ther are more games, just that i dont remember right now

That’s why it’s not free. This comes at a cost at a level, AND a block of your guard bar. I just don’t like giving that much up to make an opponent get off.

A no-to-low-cost, no-damage option is much better (say, if it just drained a block from the bar and didn’t shorten it, but did no damage).

Only if paired with a guard crush feature. This by itself is too much to give the defender. Just Defense was a bit too powerful, especially when remembering its other facet (regaining health), to not give the player using his offense something to combat it with.

I thing the vs. series got it mostly right with push-blocking. I think being able to push-block everything with no cooldown on it works for Marvel, but not in a more standard 2D fighter. Give it… about a 3-to-5-second recharge, and lower the force of a push (or make it so the opponent must be in an attack animation to push; standing or crouching without attack makes the push fail), and then you’ll be able to balance offense and defense, giving both sides options.

The attacker can press more, wanting to either crush the defender’s guard, or hit with a high-low mixup, but he needs to be mindful that too much, and the defender can push him out of a favorable position. If the defender chooses a bad time, or the attacker leaves a hole that is pushed against, the attacker now gets a few seconds free of that possibility, long enough to crush, or hit the overhead for damage. Perhaps the reward for a hit on a ‘push-disabled’ opponent might count as a counter for hitstun.

The defender has slightly fewer options, which is as intended. He needs to watch out for the high-low game, as well as minding his guard meter, but if he has the ability active, he can push. He just needs to make sure he doesn’t push at the wrong time and give the opponent advantageous spacing, or miss with the push itself. If he pushes the opponent out right before a canceled normal in a blockstring, the canceled special may whiff, earning him the ability to punish and take control from that point.

Funny thing is you don’t mention the games that originally did this which are capcom games.

First one I’m going to mention is Dark Forces in Vampire Savior which change normals to one character(Zabel and Bulleta), allows flight(Q-bee and Jedah), adds clones of the characters(Morrigan and Lillith), or gets rid of hit stun (Victor and Lei Lei) just to name few.

i have not played DS in like 10 years, its reasonable that the series doesnt come to my mind since i dont play it on regular basics like all the other games that i posted
and im not gonna be surprised if the 1st one was an obscure game of snk, they seem to have invented many of the mechanics that we take for granted on other series :looney:

“Universal Overhead” is the name of SF3’s overheads which are really similar across the board, so I was referring to that.