Favorite/Most Hated Characters in Fighting Games

I figured this would be an interesting topic.

My favorite character is a tie between Anakaris and Dudley. I have no idea why I like those two so much since they have no similarities, but something just feels right about those two. Maybe it’s the fact that they just seem so … fancy. Like, “swimming in a pool of coins like Scrooge McDuck after I finish my caviar” fancy.

Now, the fun part I want to see here are the characters that people HATE the most in fighting games. For whatever reason, be it in design or gameplay, you despise this character. For me, I’ll admit that I truly despise fighting Spider-Man in every game he’s ever been in. I’m not saying he’s “cheap”, because he isn’t, I just find fighting that pest really annoying.

I dislike Vega in ST. You can zone me out with Dhalsim or Sagat and I wouldn’t even be mad. But getting hit by the dives because I don’t know which way it’s gonna hit over and over again and messing up my reversal input just seems kind of infuriating, plus they are also buffering that super. Though I think Vega is pretty damn good with footsies, but the instant I get hit by a knockdown I just think, “Well fuck…”.

3rd Strike Chun

Seth is definitely the worst SF character ever. He plays stupid and looks supremely stupid. Seriously, his movelist is the most cliche FG boss move list (everyones good moves!) and aesthetically looks like a grey mannequin. I’ve seen half finished SC custom characters that look better than Seth.

How do you go from Gil, who has all original moves that change their effect depending on the side of the screen you’re on, to default ass, “Shang-Tsung beat me by 16 years” fuckin Seth?

Seth looks more like a Tyrant from RE.

Loved: 3rd Strike cast except for Twelve and…

Hate: 3S Chun. Athena in a every KOF. I hate Athena’s voice and she’s designed to be an annoying keep away character in every game.

Loved: Geese, Athena, Ryujii Yamazaki, Guile, and Chun
Hated: Rufus

Yo Seth’s original moves are actually dope, wish they weren’t lazy with everything esle.

Hmm, I’m beginning to notice that Rufus and Seth have dive kicks and Chun kicks a lot…
Can we just say kicking is for scrubs and that boxing is the one true style?


Love: Karin, Fei-long, Accel from Power Stone, Batsu, Kyosuke, and Kyoko from Rival Schools, Akira Yuki, Jun, Asuka, Leo, Marshall + Forest Law.
Hate: Rufus, Seth, Oni (completely pointless character), Adon, Honda, A3 V-ism Ryu
These lists can go on, but I’ll just stop here.

Fav- Morrigan Aensland. I’mma let yall finish but Morrigan is the greatest FG character of all time.

Hated- Squatch, Joe Higashi, Eiji Shinjo, Fish, Makoto (BB), Carl Glover, Iceman, Holy Sol, A.B.A, D-Jay, Nagare, Chairperson, Gon, Eddie Gordo, Baek, a bunch of KOF characters, and I could go on…

LOVE: GEESE TERRY FEILONG raven yoshimitsu Hate: ryu ken you bob mishimas

BBCT Nu-13
MvC2 Cable
UMvC3 Morrigan
A2 Chun
Millia Rage

Seeing as you agreed with my post, I’ll need to clarify (and you’ll probably need to disagree) - I love 3rd Strike Chun.

Love - 3s Chun, 3s Ken
Hate - Stupid fucking 3s Twelve

Don’t like:
Talbain/Gallon (even though I use him in VSav)
SF Seth

Almost forgot, Tweleve.

Hmm I thought Sean was most people’s favorite in the 3 series even though he was badly nerfed in 3s. Or is it just because he’s another shotokan clone?

Is it me or does everybody like this character, and half the time people don’t even know what game she’s from.

depends on the game…
3S: <3 Chun/Yang/Gouki/Remy/Hugo… Hate Yun/Oro/Sean
ST: <3 Blanka/Cammy/Hawk/Dictator/Guile… Hate shotos.

Every other game…

“Pick a top tier” ~Sanford Kelly.

Right @D3v?

So aka, fuck Dan.

You know what? Fuck Shoto’s! Hate Mr. Generic Karate Dude. Ryo from KOF gets a pass though.

Oh, in UMvC3, I love watching Morrigan. She makes that game less stupid to watch… Less, “Wtf, how dude get hit with that?”

My most hated characters are the ones that get used all the time for whatever reason. I like to see variety.

I don’t really have a favourite character/archetype. I just use whoever feels good…which usually means I end up using the least-used characters.