Favorite Point and Anchor characters!


Who are your favorite characters to play first & second, and why?


Rolento - great footsies and dependable AA. Doesn’t need meter. Just a great character.
Akuma - versatile, doesn’t need meter.
Law - good pressure and best AA I’ve ever used. Doesn’t need meter.

Lars - could be point but I like his setups post-tag.
Yoshimitsu - most play him point but I always want him to have meter so I can windmill.
Ryu - can be point so I switch it up sometimes.
Paul - good with meter and has crazy damage.

Those characters are basically the ones I mix-'n-match. My best team would probably be Rolento x Law, its a really good anti-bullshit team. I also want to learn Ogre and Balrog, think I could probably play them half-decently just based on deep SF knowledge alone.


In my case it depends on the match up and whether my opponent knows how to play it. I like using Lars on point, if I’m not up against heavy zoners or Gief.
If I don’t want to practice against hard match ups for Lars I go with Akuma.
I like using him as an anchor, because his zoning game is stronger with a life lead. I still have the option to be more offensive with him, when my opponent has the life lead. Also having raging demon available (Lars builds meter pretty quickly when he gets in) is pretty neat.


I play Law, Cody, Jack and currently learning Yoshimitsu. Cool thing about these characters is that all of them can be played from either point and/or anchor position! However, I tend to play Law on point most of the time with the others in support, as Law is pretty dominant controlling both ground and air. Yoshi does a great job on point too though, his high/low conditioning is awesome.


i used kazuyra for point because of great pressure and mixup options with no meter and secondary either steve because of his huge damage and juggles with meter or vega because of the same reason






Ken - My new point character (plus I’ve been using him since vanilla SF4 so it had to be done). Can set up my characters nicely on block/hit and his combos look cool.


Steve - I’m a huge fan of boxer characters and his stuff looks awesome when you get used to how he plays.

Christie - Tried to use her as anchor but the struggle was very real lol…she’s really good when she’s in there though, her high/low stuff can and will annoy anyone if they’re not ready for them!



Juri, I can basically play how I want because she can more or less do anything and do pretty good at.
Bison, good foostsie tools and has long range pokes though everything else is kinda lackluster…
King, has some decent pokes though can’t confirm much into them. Builds ok meter. Decent point


Yoshi, lots of people put him on point…I don’t see it. He needs meter to be effective or even a threat (not a very good one but he’s fine), his dmg output by himself is pitiful and having ok mix-ups doesn’t help him either. Depending on his partner he can set-up for easy suicides and if you’re willing to spend the bar can score easy big dmg.
King, hits like a truck and gets a nice mix-up after a RASC…however his tag ins off block…he virtually has none…raw tags and tags on combo’s is the only way to get him out safely.
Bison, same as point except being able to combo practically anything Juri of King can throw out. His mix-ups increase a little since whilst combing you can already have a charge ready for a DR’s or HS. It’s nice.


Point will be Ryu, as he’s well-balanced in terms of offense and defense.
Anchor would be everyone else, but I would like Juri as she has explosive speed and a wide variety of offenses which can be capitalized as soon as Ryu starts getting the momentum going.


• Alisa. She’s like ‘SORRY’, throwing her… well. Her arms at you. Jack of all trades.
• Neener. Straight forward and packs a punch.

• Kazuya, hits like a truck and another fairly simple character.
• Lili, gets beautiful and makes it all worthwhile. Before tea time.


Juri - My main and go-to point character. Her moveset is second nature to me at this point and while she’s not the strongest character she’s by far the most comfortable for me to use.
Lili - Most people keep her on anchor, I think she makes a servicable point character as her footsies and ways in (especially with meter) are pretty decent. Also very easy to whiff punish with.
Alisa - Work in progress, but her zoning game (especially when you bring destruction form into it) is nuts. <3
Cammy - Another work in progress… dat movement speed… D:

Asuka - Extremely high risk but so very rewarding… plus all my high/low shannanigans infuriate people to no end. Bonus.
Nina - Easily one of the best anchors in the game… it’s really stupid how much she brings to a team.
Raven - Work in progress. Most would probably put him on point… but I’ve gotta be weird about this…
Abel - Work in progress. Why more people don’t play this character is a complete mystery, he’s a fuckin beast.


Anybody can be a point character except characters who are mostly anchor material. That’s a simple, effective mindset on the issue.