Favorite program for Running/Organizing tournaments?

For years I’ve been using TIO Tournament Organizer, a pretty good program used primarily in the Smash community.

Recently though, I’ve been looking into seeding my tournament more, and while TIO does a great job of seeding by skill OR location, I was wondering if there were a program that could seed by skill first and then by location (Skill taking priority over location).

Also, for all the tournament organizers out there, what is your go to program fur running tournaments? I love TIO, but I’ve no qualms about using a different, better program if any of you were to suggest one.

I use ALJ tournament software, you can download it on download.com. It has different seeding options for location and skill, and you have an option to favor either location or skill over the other. Not sure how it compares to TIO, though.

www.toernooi.nl It’s a Dutch website, but o well.