Favorite puzzle games

puyo puyo games
myst series
warios woods
doctor mario

it seems like puzzle games are dying out like beat um up games

Puzzle Quest is pretty good. Puzzle games are dying out simply because they’re too simple. They’re fun, but in this day in age with shit like GTA4, SFIV, and COD, you can only play a puzzle game for so long before you get bored.

I don’t really think so. There seems to be a lot of them on the PC and probably on the DS as well.

Anyway, my favorites have to be (from what I remember atm):

  • Panel de Pon/Planet Puzzle League and it’s variants.
  • Dr.Mario
  • Breakout
  • Layton
  • Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Meteos

There’s one which I really need to play but yet haven’t, though: Chu Chu Rocket.

The original fucking Tetris.

I’d even take it in all its spinach green glory too.

Tetris Worlds
Puzzle Fighter
Dr. Mario

what? puzzle games are all over the place. off the top of my head-lumines, meteos, gunpei, puzzle quest, uhhhh…that one DS game. Professor somethingsomething, henry hatsworth, picross, bust-a-move, echochrome and not to mention all those brain training games.
Puzzle games are as popular as they have ever been. Now, a truly exceptional and memorable puzzle game, those are hard to come across.

-Puzzle Fighter
-Kirby Star Stacker
-Panic Bomber
-Tetris Attack

My all time favorite is tetris attack, but I like OG tetris also. Some others include puzzle quest puyo pop, and sometimes zuma.

Zuma and even’t though it doesn’t count, Pokmon Pinball.

na i dont get bored of puzzle games, i forgot about snood, 7th guest, 11th hour for mac and pc

Original Tetris
Puzzle Fighter
Magical Drop 3
Dr. Mario

Ah, forgot Puzzle Bobble and Bejeweled in that list.

Tetris DS was pretty nifty, too.

Tetris DS
Tetris Attack
Super Puzzle Fighter
Dr. Mario
Magical Drop
Planet Puzzle League


Puyo pop fever.

The first puzzle quest was great… the second one made me wanna rip my jaw off and jam down my throat.


on Super Famicom… this shit is epic that NOBODY knows about. It’s Battle Tetris with super attacks. I’d love to get some games on with SRKers.

Shaman FTW!

Kirby’s Avalanche. Still a classic.


I like Lumines too, but I am NO good at it.

other than fgs, i used to play panel de pon(PPL and NPC) and puyo puyo (PPF pc version) competitively. im waiting for that new clone of pdp to come out on pc and for puyo puyo 6 to come out on wii. TGM series is nice but its like the guilty gear of puzzle games lol, so it’ll be a while before i get decent at it. anyways hit me up on aim or something for panel de pon/tetris attack netplay. i’d say for puyo too but i deleted it.

Puyo Pop and Peggle.

I would have to say that no puzzle game has sent me more than Snood. I wish I could find it again without having to pay.