Favorite Ragequit moment?

After reading the brilliant “Tips for Dominance” guide and seeing a few examples in a thread I wanted to know what everyone’s favorite Ragequit moment is?

This just happened a few nights ago.

Ranked Match:
Cammy (me) vs Ken (random guy)

I do a spinning backfist attempt, but he does a fierce dragon punch and hits me.

This guy is stuffing everything I do. I pull off a reversal after getting downed, but he actually sat back and I eat a dragon punch from it.

I lose Round 1, he has nearly half health left.

I step forward with a light jab and smack him in the face.
Pressing the advantage I follow it with a light Cannon Drill and down he goes.
I manage to get a crossover with a medium punch, into a thrust kick. His dragon punch whiffs by, and I full screen Hooligan throw (he tries to block it) with a high grab.

I let him get up, and do a medium distance Hooligan Combination, but cancel it mid way. He does a dragon punch, whiffs, and I thrust kick FTW.

There may have been a few blocked hits or other random regulars in there, but that’s basically what happened.

“You win; PERFECT.”


A player has disconnected or lost connection.

Let’s hear them guys, get some good stories in here!

I get a lot of people ragequitting in the middle of the fight right after I do Bison’s jumping MP 3 hit juggles. They all think “I can’t do that… must be a cheat!”

I also got one guy quit on me at the start of Round 1 when I scored a crossup RH followed by standing RH while he was trying to fireball and dizzied him. Come on now… have some faith in your own fighting ability!

With all the random disconnects in this game, I’m hesitant to assume somebody has ragequit unless they say something before quitting or msg me afterwards.

Ditto. These Round 1 disconnects may also be people who’ve been trapped in the lobby because their opponents all furiously mash A to start the match, leaving him no chance to exit properly.

Someone ragequitted me after I beat their Sagat with my DeeJay in training. He dropped after I was about to kill him from a dizzy in the 3rd round (which I won all 3… stupid best 3 out of 5 xb360 ranked matches >:|). He immediately messaged me saying he quit because that wasn’t his main and he could 3-0 me with Ken any time.

Of course I took him up on it. Played three matches with three different characters. I only lost a single close round. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Nothing is better than destroying pride <3

i tried if that sweet ToD Combo i practiced in training is worth it in a ranked match.
stupid ryu throws a fireball at the worst range ever - the combo worked. he quit. i laughed.
those are the moments i play for heh.

One time I was fighting some random guy’s Ken with my Akuma. He beat me the first round, but I noticed that he had a habit of jumping towards me a lot, so the second round I played defensive and let make all the first moves.

He jumps at me, I do a Fierce Hadoken point-blank, forcing him to fly backwards and then I approached him. He got up and jumped at me, so I countered with a DP. He gets knocked down, gets back up and jumps at me AGAIN, so I counter with another DP. He falls, gets back up and jumps at me YET AGAIN. What did I do? You guessed it. Counter with DP.

After the third DP, he rage-quit on me. Not sure why, but apparently his only method of approach seemed to be jumping forward.

oh playing hawk you get plenty of them. its awesome.

i cant tell you how many times ive done like far st.lk walk up 720 only to have them quit before the second slam :smiley: or getting them in the corner doing repeated safe jump jab, cr.jab 360. they usually quit before the third 360 finishes

I’ve had a ton of rage quitters some of which post on SRK! I won’t mention names, but you know who you are. I can remember one guy rage quitting after two rounds of very close matches and when it came to the third round I dizzied him with Ken in the first couple of seconds. Guess he didn’t like that and rage quit. He msg me saying I was using macros and that he isn’t taking a loss from a cheater. I play with pad. The shit people will come up with to explain why they sux.

Right after the second or third tick throw.

because tick grabs aren’t 100x more stupid online…

that said.

I employ similar tactics myself…

A guy ragequit on me after I bit him relentlessly with blanka. I messaged him and told him to take the loss.

Half a day later, he responds, totally confused and calls me a loser who couldn’t even win a chun vs chun matchup.

lol, chun li was nowhere near our matchup. And considering I use a different account for blanka and chun li I found that quite impossible. I told him what a dumbfuck he was as he couldn’t even keep his matches straight. He again called me a loser.

My favourite with my Vega:

Playing against a random Ken: 1st round - I throw, immediately jump over him. He techs, I throw him again from the other side, I immediately jump over again and yet again he techs, but then misses his DP and whiffs a crouching fierce (uppercut). I throw, jump, he techs…

I throw him five times in a row from this little dance, and I win the first.

I throw him once in the second round, he goes limp, ragequits and sends me:


I nearly spat out a mouthful of tea. :wgrin:

i think a lot of people rage quit on me when their lag tactics stop working, and get owned by good zoning.

i.e. just now, i lose 6 or so matches of some guy’s gief vs. my dj (who isn’t even a character i know how to play).

at first i would lose to repeated splash -> dizzy -> death, cause i would miss my upkicks the first time aruond and not get out.

after a bunch of games and i get my reaction time down, i upkick all his splashs, short sobat all his sweeps and neuter his lariats with zoning/fireballs/low forward.

almost perfect him, except for a trade at one point. player then rage quits on me. lol.

Guile Mirror Match:

Round 1:

He: SB
Me: j,lk, c,mp, lk flashkick,

wakeup, same combo,

Corner dizzy, j.fp, s,fp, SB, Backfist.


Round 2 disconnect.

i had like 10 ragequitters last night in the ranked matches. my xcox tends to completely freeze when someone drops, so i usually send a message to that user thanking him for the drop and for freezing my system. i wish i had a camera so i could share all of my wonderful rage quits and hate messages with everyone on them youtubes.

by the way, super bad game to m0y0. beats me a few times and when i’m about to win against his claw he drops. maybe he had an epiphany and realized there’s more to the game than ticks.

anyone, feel free to add my gamertag. it’s pretty hard for me to find good games with people that aren’t dildos.

Last night I was using T. Hawk and playing against Ken. We were in the first round and things were pretty even, and at that point he whiffed a(psychic) mp DP and I got him in a Typhoon when he came down. He disconnected immediately after that. That made me chuckle. What audacity I have in countering the sacred dragon punch with a Typhoon!

In general, I’ve noticed a lot more people disconnecting mid-match when I’m using Gief or Hawk (I don’t often use him though). I just think people dislike being thrown, even when facing ‘grappler’s’.

Probably has more to do with blaming missed reversals on lag.

Which to a point might be true.

Playing a rather good Guile player as Bison. He was zoning me with Sonic Boom’s. Had me down to no health. Thru a Sonic Boom to finish me with chip damage. I supered thru the sonic boom, hit him with full super to double jumping strong for the KO. he quit 2nd round.

I blame my own missed reversals on…something having to do with the online component. Don’t know if it’s exactly lag or not, but offline I can do reversals like it’s a single button press. Online…it’s almost a friggin’ crap shoot.

As for the topic: I can’t recall a specific “ragequit”…but just in general the ones where I FINALLY win a freakin’ match after suffering through 10-12 losses in a row. Geez dude, I’m finally gettin’ a clue as to how to beat you and you gotta bolt? What a baby.

Or the ones where you win the first round and they jet (obviously not a legit D/C…they got through one round just fine without any lag…).