Favorite rendition of Vega's theme?



I’m pretty sure this might have been in the threads before, but I might as well do it, anyway.

My personal favorites are the SNES version from SFII, Spittin’ Narcissism by Jose the Bronx Rican, and a bunch of others (including the violin cover that was posted here). I also like “Crimson” from SFA3.

(On a side note, why does his theme get calmer with every game? It’s supposed to be fast! You don’t expect mellow music when you’re dealing with a masked lunatic who wants to bleed you dry.)


This one is my favorite. The SF4 one is ok but I hate the accordion and the violin samples. The beat and guitar are really good in that one though. That’s about all I like about it.


I also wonder why there are barely any metal versions of his theme. I would kill to hear Flametal do their rendition of it.


I never heard of Flametal. Is it like Flamenco and Metal fusion? That would be slick.


Yes, it is. Here’s one of their songs:


I also found this (skip to 4:20):


I’m not sure his theme works really well with metal. The 2nd video was decent but kind of not quite right, dunno how to put my finger on it.


Then again, the skills of a flamenco guitarist can easily rival that of a metal one.