Favorite Ryu Combo's

Ryu was one of my favorites in 2nd Impact but I use Ken & Akuma more in 3S but he had some good combo’s what were some of yo favorite’s

1.)Jumping deep s. punch, standing close f. punch, fierce Shoryuken, Shin Shoryuken, Jumping s. punch for 11 hits

2.)EX High-Leg Blade Kick, Fierce Shoryuken

3.)Jumping deep s. punch, standing f. punch, f. punch hadoken

Im a scrub at this game and got cheap combos but my fav combos were

jump in fk c.fp EX shuffle side kick shoryuken

and mostly just to cancel hadoukens into shinku hadoukens or shoryukens into shin shoryuken but I always combo with c.mk then do the cancel combos.