Favorite setup move in MK series?

By setup , a move which leaves the opponet vulnerable for a kombo/uppercvut/etc

Subzeros freeze, etc

Scorpion’s Spear was always sweet!


Spear is a classic, but Sub-Zero’s freeze blast was a very original move in those days.

Ermac TK Lift > all

freeze, uppercut, slide. yeah snes MK was good fun back when i didn’t know anything. love freezing people mid jump and then missing with the uppercut

the one where i throw the game out the window

Kitana’s fan lift FTW.

i like the run. it setups combos.

Kabal’s dash, simply because it makes him one of the best characters in UMK3.

i liked scorpions spear when it was a blade on the end of a long rope…and not some snake thing .

Kabal’s dash is godly. But for me, it’s Sindel’s scream. aa scream = 60%+ damage from my favorite character.

Spear or dash for me.

I was a sucker for johnny’s but, kabal’s setup was nice too, especially since Kabal had all those nice combos…

Force Ball, got some forceball action from me right here in the second round.


and more here


I’m a H. Smoke player, so I’m obligated to say the spear. However, I’m also fond of Ermac’s TKS and Sindel’s scream.

God, Reptile is insane in the hands of a master. I’d pick up Reptile but I’m always in my safe zone with Human Smoke and Sonya.

You have a thousand ninjas/robots to choose from and your favorite character was the ugly ho with white hair? Does she just nearly edge out shiva?

^ Lmao.

I was never really into the older games, but I pimp my brother in Armeggedon with Nightwolf. I setup using the Tomahawk Up or Down fierce where he knocks them into the air and then follow up with an air juggle, shit works everytime.