Favorite Soundtrack?

Some awesome themes in here, but here is one I like.

The musical scores on Power Stone 2 made every fight more epic than ever, especially with the stage shifts.

Notice how the music starts off, and how bipolar it is to go from calm to suddenly exciting. Its excellent and it fits the stage its on too.

Every song sounds like it was composed for a classic disney movie. Each one fitting the stage it was put on and it was always epic

It can also be whimsical and innocent while still fitting the mood of the fight/stage shift

This is just an all around epic track. Sounds like the intro for an Indiana Jones animated series.

I am pretty sure that there is already a thread for this…

M.Bison’s theme from The World Warrior. Still have it as my ringtone. That shit is so nostalgic!

Guile, Ken and Ryu’s themes also deserves a mention.

Fell in love with Last Blade 2 on an XBOX emulator. They did an interesting thing with their music in that it wasn’t playing in every stage but for key moments. They let the locales speak to the environmental character. Be that as it may, the music that did play was amazing and apparently the Neo Geo version came with a symphonic arrangement of the soundtrack. Been looking for somewhere to share it as I don’t see a lot of LB2 love but a few threads here and there and no one mentioned it in the soundtracks.

This is exquisite

Literally all of Guilty Gear, I just love it’s soundtrack.

Holy Orders is pretty dope, gets you into the comeback zone.