Favorite Spider-Man Teams



I was wondering what’s your favorite/current team to use with your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. I’m asking more out of general curiosity, not to make a new team for myself (I generally try to make things work with characters/Teams people don’t normally use anyway).

Currently, my favorite Spidey team to use is Spider-Man/Deadpool/Ryu.

I use Spider-Man on point since he’s my favorite character (Been using him since I was a little kid in MSH) and he’s so much fun to play as. I’m not the best player since I have a lot of trouble with Shoryuken motions so I am very selective when using Spider Sting and Web Swing (UGHH! Why did they change it to reverse Shoryuken? Taskmaster’s Web Swing requires no effort!), but I rely on the Web Zip and Web Ball a lot to harrass people and try and get an opening.

Deadpool is a bit of an odd one in there. I’ve been having trouble filling the second spot on my team for a while but for now Deadpool seems like a good fit. His extremely fast Katatarama assist is really helpful and doesn’t have a bit of a startup time that requires very sensitive combo timing like most other OTGs (eg. Super Skrull). However, he DHCs extremely well with Ryu and his Trigger Happy super goes very nicely before a Maximum Spider. If you’re fast enough, you can make an unblockable UWT with his assist and web ball.

Ryu is one of the mainstays on my team due to relatively fast combo speeds, overall durability, and his Shinku Hadoken (Kamehamehadoken) super. Shinku Hadoken’s multi-directional ability pretty much lets me adapt it to situations and goes extremely well into and after a Maximum Spider, especially after a TAC. Some of his moves also have this really odd priority that gets me out of quite a few situations. Ryu is also a REALLY good anchor character with ridiculous damage output on Lvl. 3 X-Factor.

What’s your favorite Spider-Man team to use?


When I first started out with vanilla my day one team was Spidey on point, Deadpool 2nd and Chris last. My favorite two comic characters ( played Spidey in every game he was playable in), and Chris from my favorite Capcom title.
Since then I have shelved Chris in order to try and pickup other characters.
Lately I have been trying Hulk, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Tron, and Taskmaster.
On an all Marvel side kick lately




My first team was Spidey/Ryu/Strider then it was Spidey/Cap/Ironman. every since then its been Spidey and ironman. plus a really good assist/anchor! I am now rocking Spidey/Doom/Ironman


needs more Doom


Yo I understand people want to state their favorite teams but couldn’t that just be posted in the general discussion thread or the team building thread? We really don’t need a bunch of random topics like the other boards on something that can be compiled in the one of the sticky threads.