Favorite #SRKGD quotes


i thought id bring this back as i thought this one was pretty good…

[7:14pm] <+bongerz> By the by
[7:15pm] <+bongerz> How does Hiryu stay away for almost ever.
[7:15pm] <+bongerz> And still get ops?
[7:15pm] <@NineT9> Would you want to un-op a cokefiend?
[7:15pm] <@NineT9> we don’t either
[7:15pm] <@NineT9> j/k
[7:15pm] <@NineT9> <3 Hiryu

as well as…

<+bong> why do ugly guys and girls promote abstinence?!


The greatest SRKGD quote ever:

<irioku> Saddam got caught?

This was like 10 months after Saddam’s capture, btw.


<everyone in #SRKGD> Bloofy = Douchecunt


[7:34pm] <+Juggs> you scare me, dude
[7:34pm] <@Amazed-> rsigley is 35
[7:34pm] <+rsigle> 23
[7:34pm] <@Amazed-> 35*
[7:34pm] <+Bong> Really?
[7:34pm] <@Hiryuness> Nod
[7:34pm] <V-Serp> are you kidding, ugly people fuck like bunnies
[7:34pm] <+Bong> You look like you’re 18
[7:34pm] <@Amazed-> I think I know your age a litlte better than you rsigley
[7:34pm] <V-Serp> its average people that havethe least sex
[7:34pm] <@Amazed-> after all, I am stalking you
[7:34pm] <+rsigle> oh yea that’s true


[10:10pm] <@Ever> STFU ATHAN



This makes whitey sad ;[


Why do you think he made that album Whitey Ford Sings the Blues.


oh no …


<@Amazed->I can’t believe what I just did for some cash…



<@Ever> b0ng loves rap


Kiss my ass, Adolf.


I’ve heard of a poster named BLOODY, but never Bloofy. Whoever this “bloofy” is, you sure seem fixated on him.


Shut up Bloody.


Go fuck a dingo Aussie.


You meant “Lick that jew’s cold sore, bitch.”

I forgive you.


Go get a haircut Erykah Badu…


<+BushSUCKS> i have a feeling bush is gonna make up at least 4 new words as he tries to argue tonight
<@Wolfwood> no… bush doesnt make up new words… he remixes old ones for our generation! HES MORE HIP HOP THEN WE KNEW!!!
<V-Serp> a…!!!
<+BushSUCKS> haha
<BalloonFi> LOL


Ah yes I remember that quite well, that was pretty funny.


<@Ever>jay, I love you.


<OrangeCat> Hey man…KZ you have a way of touching my special spot.
<McWork> his e-spot
<KzISgone> yes
<KzISgone> and i’ve been known to touch the penis as well
<Hiryuness> I bet.
<KzISgone> what just happened
<McWork> ur so pathetic kz
<McWork> i lost all respect
<Hiryuness> You just fucked yourself, KZ.
<KzISgone> nnnoooo
<Hiryuness> That’s what.
<Athanasy> …
<Athanasy> OMG.
<Athanasy> [oldschool]Sigged![/oldschool]