Favorite stages?!

I’ve always been a fan of Cammy’s stage, and I just started liking Blanka’s stage too, especially when someone is close to losing and the song kind of speeds up. Too bad I always get Deejay’s stage or T-Hawk’s stage. What a load of crap!
I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that will pick Deejay or T-hawk just tog et off of that stage.
How about you guys?

Dee Jay is the best looking stage IMO, but I just hate the music. T-Hawk is just too bright and colourful, its a nightmare for me when up against Vega, and the music is the worst in the whole game.
I love fighting on M.Bisons stage simply because its the one I get to play on the least.

God, 9 out of every 10 times I either get the Jamaica or Mexico stages. Some variety wouldn’t hurt. :rofl:


Best. music. ever.

Cammy’s stage is definitely a close second.

Balrog stage. The music is just too awesome.

Second up is USSR, again because of the music.

The only stages worth playing on are…
Mexico (yes, I actually like playing in Mexico), England, USSR, Brazil, and Boxers stage.
Guile, Fei-long, and Claw’s stage are worth mentioning as well.

I’m so sick of playing in Jamaica and China.

Favorite : Dee Jay, Blanka, Sagat

Hated : T Hawk, Chun-li

I like 'em all except for Cammy’s. Would love to play in Sagat’s and Bison’s stage more :confused:

Boxer’s is definitely my favorite.
On the other hand I also hate T.Hawk’s, Dee Jay’s and Chun-Li’s stages.

I like Sagat’s stage the best, but don’t get to hear it much competitively unless someone loses with enough chars and don’t use Sagat. If I don’t like a stage I’m on like honda or chunli, I’ll pick them and lose just to stop going to it.

  1. Sagat
  2. Gief
  3. Ken

I don’t know how many times where I’ll be playing a guy, and he’s whooping my ass. My boxer and Dic are of no use. I’ll be losing on a random stage and I’ll choose that character just to get off the stage. But then, somehow I’ll manage to win.
I still rememeber getting beat by this one guy, I can’t remember who he was. So I picked honda. I DON’T PLAY HONDA. And somehow won. I was getting Ochio wake-up throws left and right. And the funny thing is I don’t even know how to do that move. lol

Best = Cammy
Worst = T. Hawk

True dat, Balrog stage really defines Street Fighter for me. Damn catchy tune :woot:

Check out the OCRemixes if you havent already

Cammy’s for visuals
Ken’s for music
Gief, Ryu, and Bison for the combination