Favorite Street Fighter and Why?


What is your favorite Street Fighter version and why? Hope I’m not breaking any rules with this one, there are a lot of words in there but I’m tryin.

It’s tough but for me to decide, but for pure energy of the scene factor, I have to go with the original release of Street Fighter II. I just remember standing at the arcade when there was a good arcade scene, and watching the arcade guy building the first Street Fighter II box in our local arcade. People were just waiting around. The freshness of the unknown was great, and the competition was fierce. To me it kinda lost something once all the hacked boxes started coming out.

Honorable mention: Street Fighter I. I was a little kid and my Dad would take me to the arcade to pop in a few quarters. It was a huge deal when we figured out how to throw a fireball.


My absolutely favorite is Street Fighter Zero 2. Being a kid I’ve spent a couple months in Tokyo in '97 and was captivated by the game.

Honorable mention would me SFII’ Champion Edition, this was what everyone played during the early 90’s arcade boom.


Probably Alpha 3, has lots of sub mechanics, CC’s, ISM select, has a lot of depth and just really fun to play.


Hyper Fighting. It’s perfection.



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