Favorite Street Fighter Comic Moments


Now that the second big storyarc has ended, let’s all recall are favorite things about the whole series up to now. This is for fun so don’t take it so seriously.Lemme start…

Favorite Single Issue

My favorite issue so far was issue #14. I thought it did a real good job of ending the arc and setting up the next chapters. Every character had some good,true-to-character moments.

Favorite Moment/Scene

My favorite moment was in Issue #8. Fei-Long taking out a gang of Triads while quoting Bruce Lee was funny as hell! It was just executed so well.

Favorite Backup Story

My favorite backup story so far is Zangief fighting R.Mika in a wrestling match in Issue #13. It has to be one of, if not THE funniest moment in the entire series. The look on Zangief’s face when he gets hit with the chair is priceless!

Biggest event your looking for to in the future

Right now, I’d say Ryu vs. Sagat II. It’s probably too early to say, but I think their rematch is going to end up one of the greatest battles in the book. They’re both so determined and focused on it, it should be a huge event.

P.S. I thought about adding DS, but with only four issues and no trades yet, it just wouldn’t be fair. We’ll wait a couple of months.


My favorite scene is in #7, right before Fei Long fights the Triad gang.

You’re Fei Long. You’ve just spent all day filming a movie. You’re probably pretty tired. Your sleazeball director sends you out the back door to help you avoid the mobs of fans waiting for you. When you get out the back, you are confronted with a huge gang of men, mostly armed, and all waiting to kick your ass.

What do you do?

You throw off your shirt, brush your nose with your thumb, and chuckle, “Autograph hounds”.

Fei Long is the shit.


Favorite Single Issue

The last issue. The fight between Balrog(Ninja) and Mike Bison(Boxer) plus the return of Vega(Cape).

Favorite Moment/Scene

Seeing Decapre’s face. I’ve always wondered what’s going on under the hood.

Favorite Backup Story

Chun-Li’s back up with Gen. I think the art style really fit as sort of a tribute (in my mind) to all the HK SF Comics even if they are kind of out there in terms of story. And Geki’s death was a really big surprise. SF1 characters can get killed off, ooh…

Biggest event your looking for to in the future

Ryu and Chun-Li meeting! Just because they are my two favorite characters. The core four, Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li need to join forces! So far we got three out of four in the last ish, another reason why it was my favorite.


let’s see

Favorite Single Issue

Has got to be either 14 or 6. I loved the closure of 14.

Favorite Moment/Scene

Fei Long quoting Bruce lee was awsome. :nunchuck:

Favorite Backup Story

The back up story where Adon tries to beat Sagat. I can seriously relate to the awsome art and the drama going through Sagats mind. Best Back Up to DATE!

Biggest event your looking for to in the future

well i’m interested in seeing the way Dhalsim will be drawn ( i hope they do it so that he looks buff like he did in SF2:TAM). but i think the thing i’m most interested in is Ryu embrace the dark side to beat Akuma.

** Best Cover**

the one with ryu looking up at sagat … i think it was issue 4?


Favorite Single Issue 14

Favorite Moment/Scene : the Bruce Lee thing

Favorite Backup Story: Zangief vs. R.Mika

Biggest event your looking forward to in the future

Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Cammy , Guile and Chun-Li vs. Shin Bison.


My favorite moments were any one that had the grumpy surly one in them. …hopefully Kei will get a big role in the RS series. They can say “Burning spirit of justice!” and then Kei can give her trademark reply, “That’s so stupid!”


Heres mine! ^^

Favorite Single Issue

Issue #14…from Sakura throwing her first Hadouken, Ryu vs Balrog, Guile vs Vega, and the somewhat origin of the Shououken, it was very sweet! And the Guile and Charley backup story was awesome! :bgrin:

Favorite Moment/Scene

I’m with everyone with Fei Long quoting Bruce Lee, that was awesome! It also ties with Ryu and Adons fight, which was pretty sweet as well!

Favorite Backup Story

The Guile and Charlie one at the end of issue #14…I mean, fighting each other all day without practically a moment to rest?! Damn…although what happened between Guile and Julia at the end was pretty funny! :rofl:


Biggest event your looking for to in the future

This one is a toughie…i’d definitely look for Ryu and Akumas rematch…that is if they get to have one! ^^


Favorite Single Issue

Issue #13, because it really brought Balrog to life as a hip punk. Up until now, I always thought of him as a brainless thug. Plus, it was nice to see Guile make up with his family.

Favorite Moment/Scene

Seeing Cammy appear for the first time? :smiley: Okay, otherwise it would have to be the arrival of Shadow. Honestly, I would never have guessed that Udon would introduce a MSHVSF character.

Favorite Backup Story

The Ken/Eliza one. The flashback cutting was astoundingly well done, and the whole story felt a bit like Rocky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Biggest event your looking for to in the future

Bison’s return, and how it will affect Guile, Chun-Li and Cammy.