Favorite Street Fighter Game?


Hey guys!. Newbie here. For my first post, i’ll ask a pretty debatable question based on personal taste or preference. What’s your favorite Street Fighter game? Mine would have to be 3rd Strike. The animations, flow of the game, music, and, although tricky; the parry system was really cool for me. I still find myself playing it a lot on the Sega Dreamcast to this day. Too bad my control stick sucks though :confused: So, who ya got?


king of street fighters 2012 tournament edition

chong li is really good in that version


Chong Li was pretty broke but so was Chris Klein"s Nash out super…


Surround by crowd game of street fighting I like where people are fighting combat fiercely! A man is masked. Great struggles take place in the pit. Nice occurrence of game.


Fighting is bad! Real gentlemen talk it out or just walk away, both IRL and virtually.



This thread is now about salad dressing tiers.



Indeed, it is debatable that you should have posted this at all!

You truly are a braver soul.



Google “Blue Waffle.”

Thank me later, super duper SF technique.


Killer Instinct 64




Street Fighter 1 HD Remix on MUGEN.


Yie Ar Kung Fu. Street Fighter before everybody thought it was cool.




Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012.

Lot’s of problems with this game but the good outweighs the bad and it’s the only fighter that has gotten my interest since SF2 and Tekken 3.


Super Turbo, and Third Strike.


ST, Alpha 3 (more people should play), and it’s not street fighter but more American players should try Kof 2k2.


Alpha2 trumps all.


It will always be Alpha 3 for me. Always. Not ashamed to say that I’m a die-hard fan of it.


For me, Alpha 2 Gold is just so good. Where is my HD ver Capcom!?




On the Dreamcast better play Double Impact. One of the best CPS3 ports.
Also SF2T is a nice conversion as well with no stage delay.

My favorite SF game has to be SF2 The New Challengers. The 4 new characters (Fei Long, Cammy, T. Hawk and Dee Jay) plus their stages and music overshadowed any previous SF character. No Super meter either.