Favorite Sub-System In A Fighteing Game?

Title is self-explanitory

Air Guard-Whichever SFA game that it orignated from
Ultimate Gaurd-Warzard

JD in MOTW, Parry in SF3s, and FD in #r.

Reverse Beat/Whiff Cancelling: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

RC and FRC in GGXX.
And of course parrying in 3s.

Roman Cancelling in general in #r.

Low Parry: All Characters (TTT, T4, T5)
Dodge: S-Groove (CvS2)
Unlimited Supers: S-Groove (CvS2)
Super Invincibility: (SF)

Summon Suffering i SC2, super deep.

Wow, how did I forget about the low parry in Tekken…I love it. Amazing scrub killer…

hit deflection system/weapon break -weaponlord
RC/Faultless def. -GGX
parry/throw tech -SF3
taunting -where’d that start?

air block - since it gives character with a weak air to air game a better chance in the air
alpha counters - since it makes up some of the characters weakness

parrying - encourages turtling, killed fb zoning, encourages randomness (its an educated guess but still a guess when parrying 90% of the time) and it makes scrubs look good (they think they are the shit when they parried something when most of the time they are better off blocking/counterattacking). parries makes people get hit by random shit that other sub systems doesnt.

Best: None, Hyper Fighting style.

Worst: Parry. I agree entirely with the poster above.

I’ve always been a fan of rolls but roll canceling killed CvS2.

Art of Fighting 1

That gets my vote, too, as well as Faultless Defense.

I liked SFZ3’s Guard Break system. =/ Or at least, the amount of time you could do stuff when their guard did break.

Oh, and Fatal Fury’s Guard Cancel system.

Just defend- SS ( never played it , but I think that’s where it cames from)
C-Grove- cvs2 ( I like the way the meter let’s you cancel supers)
parry- 3’s

Airblock - Wherever it came from
Any kind of Just Defend system (guard impacting included)
Faultless defense
Romantic Cancelling/False romantic cancelling
Quickrise and all of its cousins
Dashing - I cannot play games in which you cannot dash >_>’

Just Defence (Garou:MOTW), Parry(SF3), crouching under projectiles plus SD possibility of your char(SS2) and VC’s(SFA3)

Safe rolling. Air recovery. Just Defend. Taunts that hit people. Cancels (Roman)

EX moves (SF32I) - Your super bar becomes much more dangerous
Safe Fall (KOF96) - Keep up the pace of the match
Dash (AOF1) - Originator of the dash - throw tactic.
Guard Cancel (FF2) - No idea why this wasn’t adopted more frequently. Saved from tick damage KO and scrubby jumpins if you didn’t have a solid anti-air option.