Favorite Super Names!

You know them, those random supers you end up liking because of the wacky name translation, engrish or how they’re voiced by the announcer/fighter. Here’s mine:

= Shinku Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku!!!: Ever since I was 9 and heard the MSHvsSF announcer say it I ended up loving it.:rofl:

= Killer Bee Assault: The name says it all.:cool:

= Shinryuken!: True Dragon Punch!:mad:

= Hyper Viper Beam: Just a cool name in general.

= Captain Storm: Sounds like an aging Marvel hero.

= Weapon X: Speaking of aging Marvel heroes…

= Misogi: It just sounds nice, Misogi Bread!:razzy:

= Buster Wolf: Self explainatory.:tup:

Raising Storm

Final Justice

Uzumaki Naruto Rendan

Kuchiyose Rashoumon


Final Atomic Buster

Union Jack Platnium - Eagle
8 Wine Cups - Iori
Shout of Earth - Blanka

I’m pretty sure it’s Raging Storm and I like the ones I quoted too.

For those who like a Japanese translation of a super please list the translation.

Shin Shoryuken
Denjin Hadouken - I like that cuz people get real scared when they hear that shit activate

Maiden Masher. The sexual connotations are too good.

oh my shit geyser

Neo Deadly Rave. It just sounds like it hurts.



Blood Rage
Shin Shoryuken
Knee Press Nightmare
Flame of the Conqueror

Raging Storm
Neo Deadly Rave
Buster Wolf

aegis reflector~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Crazy For You”. Such a hilarious name for a Super. Same with “Please Help Me!”

“Seichusen Godanzuki”. Just rolls off the tongue so well. Makoto’s delivery when she says it is just perfect.

“Final Atomic Buster”. “Aegis Reflector”.

Hyper Apple for You
Beautiful Memory
Cruel Hunting

Aegis Reflector
Buster Wolf
Power Geyser
Raging Storm

In 3s, Gouki always sounded like he was saying “This sucks!” when he activated a Super Art.

yeah, my bad.

Final Syphony Remix…always been one of my favorites.

Critical Combo Attack. Deadly Double Blow. Total Destruction. Especially when you see how stupid long the names are in the Japanese version. You can barely see the characters. :lol:

His SA I always sounded like “THIS SHIT’S REAL!” to me :rofl: