Favorite super/special?

If the topic isn’t specific enough…

any move in a fighting game that requires at least one “level” out of a meter or something to that equivalent (Ex: Shinkuu Hadouken). I’m including team up supers and the like.

I was trying to think of criteria for things that shouldn’t qualify, like EX moves from third strike or the equivalent from darkstalkers (cant remember what they’re called) or burst moves from guilty gear. but i think everyone here gets the idea, and who’s to say those moves aren’t your favorite?

anyway, my fave is (SF3)hugo’s gigas breaker. love seeing half their life bar drain :slight_smile:

honorable mentions:

hideo’s team super from the rival schools series: hurricane kicks into a dragon uppercut into TWO fireballs, one from the ground, one from the air. that’s gotta hurt…

doctrine dark’s dark shackle from SFEX: sliced, diced, bombed

yamazaki’s (KOF, CVS, etc) guillotine: grab them by the head, slam them on the ground, drag them for a bit, stomp and kick to finish

Note: don’t know if art of fighting moves count, but whatever…

aegis reflector, that is one of the most unique supers.

Shippu-Jinrai-Kyaku, Shin Shoryuken, and Rock’s Raging Storm and Shining Knuckle is so bad ass.

Wingnut’s Sonic Boom. 300% damage on crossup.

ive always liked Ken’s EX-hurricane kick

Charlie’s downward moon slice kick in the XvSF/MvC2 games…

for specials:

rolentos knife toss
vegas izuna drop
sonic boom
psycho crusha
head stomp
duo lons numerous variations of his rekka kens
duo lons teleport
duo lons toe kick
yamazakis knife slash
yamazakis serpent slash (pimp slaps)
yamazakis poison tentacles (cvs1)
captain corridor
omega reds coils
soul reflect
gens wall dives
makotos dash punches
IM and WMs smart bombs
striders teleport
dancing swords

duo lons phantom wall
soul illusion (fuck genei jin)
yamazaki’s choke-a-bitch super
striders orbs
raging storm
raging demon
xvsf sonic break
hyper sentinel force
gens rush super

A-Bison cvs2 - paint the fence custom ! Does like 75% damage on same ratio I think :devil:

Yang 3s - SA1 :nunchuck:

Rock cvs2 - random toss on other side of the screen then super…that looks cool

Chun li mvc - raging demon style kick super…one of my all time favorite

Rock’s Shine Knuckle with rising tackle finish.

Spiderman’s Maxium Spider

Ryu’s Shinnkuu Hadoken (First one I ever done)

Cable’s Hyper Viper Beam

Jin’s Flaming Tornado or Joe’s Double Cyclone

All of Kirby’s B moves in Smash Bros. From the rising and descend blade of Up B to the classic vacuum of basic B, he kicks ass.

O c’mon now how could anyone not say the daddy of all specials, the raging demon. That is by far the best special I have ever encountered…but there are some other good ones like…Terry’s Power Geyser, Jin’s Bloodia Vulcan, Wolverine’s Weapon X, and Zangeif’s Final Atomic Buster! By far my favorites

raging demon

At the moment, Akiha’s Origami super from the Melty Blood series is my favorite. <3

I also love both of the Shiki’s (Tohno and Nanaya) slow-motion knife supers from Melty Blood.

How can you not love Cyclops’s optic blast? <3

Eddie’s shark super from the Guilty Gear series is sweet, even though I don’t like Eddie. Jam’s flame pillar (fire uppercut) super too.

Shadow Dio’s knife super and Hol Horse’s slow-motion gun super from Jojo’s.

Donovan’s foot stomp super from the Vampire series is great. Sasquatch’s ice beam super is comedy gold. <3

I sorta like the way all the supers look in Garou:MotW (cept Tizoc’s), but the one that stands out the most is Jenet’s secret super, because the ending pose is too good. <3

Charlotte’s super slashy star thing from SS4.

Rolento’s trip wire super is damn slick, but I like the grenade super too. Ibuki’s grab super is hotness… that thing should be an instant kill on like half the cast. I’ve always loved Zangief’s FAB in every game he’s in. I always laugh to myself every time I see/hear Akuma’s spinny super in 3S, the kick super… so I guess that means I like it, hehehe (stupid shit).

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

I like Cammy’s Killer Bee Assult better. All she needed was a cool quote to go with it, like Spidey had.

Denjin-Hadou-Ken is my favorite. Not only is it unique, it’s also powerful and unblockable.

Maximum Spider and X.F.L.A.T. are runner-ups.

Boomerang Raid (my super of choice, ironically) is lame, as is Hoyouku-Sen.

Any 720 super.

Big Fall Griffon > Darun’s G.O.D(with hidden finisher) = GIGAS FUCKING BREAKER > EX C.FAB > EX FAB = Darun’s EX1 Shin Bomb > SFZ FAB = Raiden’s Super The End(Wild Ambition version is much better than what he does in CvS, but I’ll give the CvS one a nod too) > ST FAB

I also like Duck King’s Break Spiral(all incarnations of it, although FF:WA was the most satisfying to me), Takuma’s SDM Shin Kishin Geki(block that, bitch), Kim Kaphwan(Real Bout(Phoenix + auto taunt = win) > FF:WA > OG FF = pre 96 > pre 2k1 = 2k2 = CvS > 2k3 >>>> 2k1) , Sue Il(the only low hitting one, first one to have an actual Phoenix, beautiful, all it needs is doves flying off in the BG and it’ll be right out of some John Woo shit) and Jae Hoon’s(last Phoenix) Houou Kyaku.

Honorable Mention goes to CvS1 EX Ryo’s Tenchi Haoh Ken(Lv3 big punch) with Finest KO assist. That shit looks beautiful.

Yamazaki’s Yondan Drill from Wild Ambition. That fucker’s CRAZY. Runner up goes to his '97 SDM Yondan Drill(mash to level 2) where he fucking cuts your ass up for like 10 seconds straight.

Cody’s Final Destruction.

75% of the supers in all the Rival Schools games. Almost all of their Double Teams, and half of the Party Ups.

Oh, and fuck T Hawk.

Shinkuu Hadouken, Aegis Reflector, Houyoukusen(sp?), and any of Guile’s supers.

For some reason guiles flash kick has always been one of my favorites. I like his sonic hurricane too cvs2 style.

Gigas breaker. Final atomic buster.
Iori’s attack with quarter forward motion x4 extention.
Backdrop bomb.
Roy’s Dynamite Justice.
Batsu’s full team super finishing with them all punching.

By the way do they have any Project justice videos online i havent played that game in years.

The Grand Supreme - Shin Akuma Raging Demon - 33 Hits.

Violent Kens Exceed Super from SvC Chaos

Evil Kairi + Dark Hokuto tag team super EX3

Shinku Shoryuken

Shippu Jinrai Kyaku

And Skullomanias reverse skullo dream when they eat the sushi is kinda funny.

Cody’s Final Destruction.

Birdie’s QCFx2 P.

Oro’s EX Yagou Dama.

Marco/Butt’s Ryuuko Ranbu. Hell, any Ryuuko Ranbu. My all-time favorite move in fighting games.

As far as specials go…

Ryo’s QCB +P autoguard counter punch. Hugo’s 360 + K. Genjuro’s skewering command grab. Urien’s EX Headbutt.

Kamiiii Potemkin…Bustah!
Are you ok…BUSTAHB WOLF!!
Gun Flame (fc) rinse repeat
(Wall toss into…) Megaton…PRESS!!!
Sean’s rushdown SA.
Shin’s punching you in the face really hard (KoF 2003)
Zen’s Ultimate (TRF)
Sogetsu three hit waterball.
Hol Horse shooting the glass to call out Hanged Man.
Oh…and ftw…Kobe! Sean jumpshot