Favorite things that are "underrated"?

By underrated, as in generally considered less than good by the general populace and/or critics.

Generally anything, but I’m mostly thinking of like TV shows, movies or bands, albums or whatever.

I will say for movies though, Tron Legacy. I know it wasn’t so great for most people; I’m not saying the story or anything was amazing, but the music and the whole atmosphere of it, it kind of brought me back to the way older days of seeing like the Star Wars movies when lightsabers were the shit. I still listen to the OST, and the track “Flynn Lives” makes me sad because of the final scene where
Tron Legacy ending spoiler


Kevin Flynn reintegrates with CLU 2 for his son and Quorra to escape to the real world


the band Thrice. i think their music has evolved over the years so much its crazy and that alot of the people who just like their old stuff don’t see that while they don’t play the crazy guitar riffs they used to nowadays, they make up by showing more emotion and musicianship. /fanrant

The sad part is, there are really a lot of things that are underrated. We can literally go on and on here. There are bands out there who are really good but do not play the name game, nor do they play the marketing game. There are artists out there who are starving out there because of stupid reasons. Some of those reasons are because their work is out of style (so bebop jazz sucks because it sounds “old” to you?), or too radical. The New England Patriots lost one game but they will never be considered one of the best because of that blemish against the Giants. The Giants have an elite quarterback in Eli Manning, and the Knicks have an elite player in Melo, but the media loves to bash these guys and this trickles down to the fans. Meanwhile, you have jobbers who can only run, can offer you one quarter in a game, and can’t pass,but get all the media attention.

This post is dedicated to the underrated. Seriously.

RIP J.Dilla --you were influential
Shout outs tlots of black folks who made rock music but didn’t get attention because their skin color wasn’t marketable
Shout outs to fast Caucasian people because I’m sure there are football scouts who do not look out for a Caucasian running back.
Shout outs to Burial, a true dubstep innovator
Shout outs to Mark Sanchez, because you are awesome
Shout outs to water, because it’s so common but fresh water isn’t
Shout outs to artists out there who write their own stuff but can’t make money because they’re ugly
Shout outs to Justin Wong because he’s a boss and deserves 10k for being that talented.
Shout outs to PCs, MPCs, Synths, etc - Just because luddites think your shit is easy to make on these tools, doesn’t make it easy to make.

Let’s bash overrated shit here in this thread too because it emphasizes how underrated and underappreciated real good things are:
http://www.beatmuseum.org/duchamp/images/fountain.jpg --My grandmother can do this.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rage_Against_the_Machine - Yet another band making lots of money but against society. Shut up.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis - Elvis is really overrated, what a rip off
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Hitchens - Hitchens is a guy who is more personality than substance.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Che_Guevara - Because rich college kids love to wear his face. When those kids grow up, they’ll end up being yuppies. What i’m saying is they have no balls, and Che is more akin to Hitler, go check out his wikipedia page.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skrillex - This is not dubstep,this doesn’t sound like post-garage , more like rock music.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_beatles - what’s the difference between them and N’sync?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk_music - Any jobber can make this. I’m talking about the first few punk songs out there. Not post-punk because that actually takes skills. I also can’t look at comfortable suburban folks seriously who are a part of this culture.

My most controversial underrated pick: Kanye West. Nobody likes someone who is great and flaunts it, so people will bash you. I know from experience because Imthebest. Look, this guy has great beats. If this guy didn’t make music, then another producer will make his style at least 10 years later after he was supposed to make music.

Success isn’t about what you know, but who you know
-a wise man once said (that wise man is me)


hey look I listen to a lot of stuff you haven’t heard of!

Japanese Rock in America / Europe

I grew up with British Rock, and 90’s Hip hop. When I went to Australia there was a shop that sold Japanese Rock CD’s. Shit is really good when you don’t understand what they’re saying.

music should be banned from this thread

the cartoon visionaries was everything u wanted in a kids tv show. mega underrated…got the can after season 1

I find a lot of Japanese rock to be very derivative and therefore, it is pretty much what it is. If you kill one Japanese band down, another that sounds like it rises to the top. This isn’t exclusive to Japan either, this applies to all nations. There are very few Beethovens (a man who made repetition sound good which was a radical thought back then), J Dillas (unintuitive sampling methods and sampling sources), and James Browns (the most influential man in popular music) for example who were iconoclasts and forward thinking. The thing is, Beethoven and Brown are rated highly and deserve it. J Dilla is someone who few people know except a few hip hop insiders–the person who has bee gees and the miley cyrus album aren’t going to know who he is, nor will they appreciate his influence. This is why J Dilla is underrated.

Because let me tell you this: there are a lot of bands who sound like another band, and like many bands, they don’t have the marketing or a major to help them out, and they contribute nothing to music other than their take on their influence’s sound which isn’t a bad thing , but if you want to call something underrated.

Let me take this moment to bash indie music. Just because you’re a hipster and no one listens to what you listen to doesn’t make it special. Most indie is underground adult contemporary.

TL;DR : I want to hear your Japanese rock collection. It’s for my ipod.

The RPG Saga Frontier. Never heard ANYTHING good about that game.
A big one for me now is old school R&B, soul, funk, and old school hip hop.

The Ritchie Family, James Brown, Freddie Jackson, etc.
Not that they were underrated, I have no idea. But how can people NOT like this kind of stuff? I don’t get it. Good music should shine through all of the nonsense that is created now a days.

My bro mentioned Prince being the “Lady Gaga” of his time before there was Lady Gaga. And with a lot more talent. I agree.

EDIT: To steer this away from music, I’ll add this:
Mortal Kombat movie.
I always hear people say that that was ‘Street Fighter the Movie’ tier, which I never understood. The special effects were good, I liked the fight scenes (Cage vs. Scorpion still being a top favorite to this day) and it stuck to the MK story. It wasn’t some random thing that was pulled out of someones ass.

yume nikki


I mean besides the last 3 months.

Lufia 2

Fruit Stripe gum. Fuck you bitches that shit tasted GOOD. (for the approximately 8 seconds the flavor lasted that is.)


New Cartoons. Yea yea I’m a fan of the good ol’ days like everyone else, but I’d take something like Regular Show over many of the shows I grew up watching. I’d also take Spectacular Spiderman and some of the other newer comic shows over the older ones (although 90s Xmen is still classic).

J Dilla would be my number 1 pick. R.I.P.

Avengers EMH is the new 90s Xmen imo.

I hate those douchebags but I’ve noticed how you only make general insults and never post any of our opinions on anything, glass house with no equity ain’t a good look.

Homec class in middle school isn’t underrated but essential. Niggas need to be taught the basics of cooking and cleaning at an early age to make them more independent its sad seeing a 19 year old who doesn’t know how to do the laundry or make pasta.

Asian females are not, generally speaking and specifically on SRK, underrated.

As such, he has nothing else to bring to the conversation. :wink:

Spent from my Ocho, using Fapatalk.

Television: Up All Night. It probably gets good reviews, but no one I know will give it the time of day.

Movies: Southland Tales, Blade II, Hellboy series.

Music: Electro House. I have no idea why dubstep has taken off, but it’s all right with me that electro house isn’t the big popular thing. I’ve gotten to watch Daft Punk play at the Grammys, and heard Kanye sample them and Boyz Noise.

Food: Dominos. Their deep dish is my favorite pizza ever.

Metal: tungsten. You never have to clean this shit, homes!

Camu Tao and 90% of mid 00’s DefJux.

Trailer Park Boys aka the best show of all time.(Just the way it’s been promoted in America)

  • TMNT Smash Up: It’s not Tournament Fighters, but it’s something.
  • Yoo-hoo chocolate drink: You can find them hiding in the confines of 7-Eleven or in the supermarket posing as a soda.
  • Schwan Food Company: They have trucks that ride around the neighborhood and deliver all kind of good stuff you won’t find in a grocery store. Their Brownie a la mode was like crack in a carton.
  • MVC3 Dynamic Soundtrack: Haven’t heard the new ones yet but Metro City and Daily Bugle are two of my favorites.
  • Dreadlocks: Fuck the haters.
  • Indian Action films: They just take that shit to the next level.
  • Indian women: Especially the ones with the red dot on their forehead.
  • Women wearing one-piece swimsuits: Perfect for thick woman who don’t do cardio. Not a big fan of shapeless women that wear bikinis and have their gut sticking out in the middle.
  • Playable minor characters in DBZ fighters: Always wanted to play as that random henchman in the background. Fuck the haters.
  • The 90s: Doesn’t get enough appreciation.

First Yngwie Album, Stevie Ray Vaughn

King of the fucking Hill. Everybody who I talk to always says simpsons is better. Nah bitch, it aint.

Castlevania soundtrack. Because its really better than FF, especially Symphony of the Night and Circle of the Moon.


Seymour Duncan’s 5 series humbuckers. Gives a fuller rawer sound than the 4 series, while giving just as heavy distortion with enough bass in the mix to allow the guitar to shine through.