Favorite Times @ the Arcade

Back in Baltimore, when I was younger, I went to Eastpoint Mall, where Aladdin’s Castle used to be. It was the arcade I visited the most.

I was about 7 or 8 years old when the 6 player X-Men game was out and I played it religiously. Using Nightcrawler, it was a blast. Too bad I didn’t get far to the 2nd stage. Playing The Simpsons and Turtles in Time was always a blast too. Konami ruled the arcades back in the day; along with Capcom of course.

Then, Street Fighter 3: New Generation hit and I sucked; mainly because it was hard for me to use the arcade stick. The last game I played before it closed down in 2004 was Tekken 5, using Hworang.

What were some your best times at your local arcade?

-Playing Metal Slug all day long
-Getting my ass kicked by my gf playing Virtua Tennis.
Playing MK2 for the very first time.

Back around 1998 my Brother was a Manager at Aladdins Castle here in Clearwater FL. I used to have my mom or dad drop me off at the arcade so I could hang out with my brother. The best part of him working there was he would give me the key to open all of the games and play for free. I remember playing NFL Blitz EVERY weekend for like 4 hours straight. They also had a World Warrior machine, UMK3, and MVC2 in there (Basically what got me HOOKED on Fighters). I also had the high score on the basketball game there. I hit 113. I wish Cell phones had cameras on them back then…

I was too young to properly play SF II in the arcades, but when Alpha 2 arrived it was awesome.

No matter what day you’d go there’d be between fifteen and thirty people waiting to play. Constantly finding new stuff. Absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it didn’t last and the arcade went to shit after the Playstation got big.

When I use to live in Denver I would go to a place called Time Out and Golden Nugget…

UCR Commons, where I played Fuson a few times in CvS2 and put way too many quarters in the broken A3 machine.


the end.

When you get free tokens~

My favorite arcade memories aren’t with fighting games but learning and getting good at DDR and playing that competitively. And IIDX.

Eight player Daytona USA used to be the cat’s meow. That and running the train on casual players in Champion Edition with Bison.

double tokens saturday morning at SVGL/MGL

I remember when I worked at the software etc. at the mall. I used to run downstairs to the Tilt to play TTT all the time during my breaks and lunches. Thats the first time I saw ricky ortiz, didn’t know who he was at the time just knew we was nuts from watchind him play. didn’t get a chance to play him until a few weeks later at MGL, I just remember dashing forward and he was behind me and I was in the air, lol. TTT days at anywhere were so much fun for me, back when my whole paycheck could be spent on games and food(and chip in for gas), and I wouldn’t have to worry. lol

oh and back when wonderpark(where they had the Namco TTT world finals) I remember playing Redfoot, though at the time I didn’t know who he was. I just got my ass beat(if you cant tell I was never that good, just had a lot of fun playing) and then like a month or two later in a tips and tricks mag, I saw redfoot and it said he placed 5th. I was like “I played that guy!” felt better about being beaten by someone that good.

Marvel 1 battles with my friends from other high schools, and my crazy comebacks with captain america, lol. and when my friend who worked at Tilt used to put Tekken 3 on freeplay for us and we would just have round robin battles.

working at one of the first arcades in norcal to get Tekken 5 was pretty cool, especially when all the big names in norcal (except bronson) came out to play that first weekend, shit was so dope to watch and play. I even let the tekken players stay past closing since I knew a lot of people came from further away to play ( i kicked out families though, lol)

Wow, let’s see how many arcades I attended:

Banister Mall arcade 1985-1989 (Kansas City, MO):

Played Yie Air Kung Fue there, Shinobi, Double Dragon, Rampage, Karnov, and Street Fighter 1. My first arcade until it closed down in 1989

Cool Crest 1990-1993(Kansas City, MO):

First place I played Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition, X-Men Arcade game, Turtles In Time, Spiderman Arcade Game, and Mortal Kombat.

Gamewarp 1994-1997, occasionally went from 2000 when it was close (Atlanta, GA):

Played too many fighting games to mention. Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Xmen vs. Street Fighter, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, War Gods, Tekken 2 and 3, Street Fighter 3:NG, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Perimeter Mall arcade 2000-2001, (Atlanta, Ga):

Played a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tekken 4, and Street Fighter EX 2.

Northpoint Mall arcade 2001-2002, (Atlanta,GA):

Played CVS 2 and 3s mainly. It had Marvel but I didn’t play

Underground Arcade 2006-2009, (Atlanta, Ga):

Last arcade in Atlanta. Played mostly Marvel since it was the only game there. Got into Alpha 3 late in the arcade’s lifespan.

Over 25 years of arcade experience. Not too shabby.

oh and not really an arcade, but SF2: CE battles at 7-11. summer was never more awesome, slurpies, AC, and battling my school buddies

I was always a quiet kid in arcades, I played but never talked a lot. I started talking more when I got into playing CVS2 in 2001 at Arario’s Arcade at Northpoint Mall. It was me and two other dudes just going back and forth, and the owner use to come and play a few games as well. We would talk a lot of shit back and forth, fun times.

And then at Underground, my last arcade experience, I was much older and talked a lot of shit. Too bad I didn’t get the true shit talking experience in arcades when I was younger, because I was too shy to speak up.

I remember I was playing at this ghetto ass mall in a game of Altered Beast. And I had everyone cheering for me. I remember this one kid tried to join in with me, and his mother took him and said “I told your nappy head ass to stop playing those god damn arcade games. Get you ass ova here, we’re going home”. Poor kid.

galaxie world in bloomingdale, il. i remember going when i was like 5 or 6 and just being amazed at how big it was. I remember playing skeeball and other kiddie games but i will always remember seeing all the older kids playing like mk and sf, i wanted to play those games because i had played them on my genesis at home but there were so many people crowded around them and i was too young to really try to get in!

marvel at ctf.

Edit: I dont play marvel btw

I guess I could say ever since SF4 was released in arcades.
I’ve met a lot of awesome people (who I now consider friends) along the way, ever since the release of that game in the arcade.

Another recent favorite would have to be;
Just recently (about a week ago?) I was getting frustrated at waiting in line to get 4 tokens, since these two kids were just taking hella long, and oddly enough didn’t know how to use the token machine.
So, I just waited patiently, and decided to throw in a $5 bill instead of just going for $1 each and every time.
Funny thing is, I ended up getting back $20+ in tokens, :smiley:
I’m still using the remnants of what’s left, hahaha.

Playing people in Mortal Kombat and winning when I wasn’t tall enough to to reach the arcade stick without a stool.

Also, playing the simpsons beat em up game at chuckie cheese with my brother and two other people

Scraping up 10 buck for the all day special at the local arcade in gradeschool, then playing SS and MK 1 until my hands hurt.

Playing Tekken Tag and then Tekken 4 the day they rolled it into the student center at CU Boulder. Owning fools with Marduk day 1 in Tekken 4 since nobody could break the mount. Good times.

Some hobo is watching me any my boy play SF3 when it first came out, and I combo into Shin Shoryuken. Screen zooms in for the last hit and the kill, hobo yells “HOLY SHIT!” so loud the whole arcade turns to look at us. We still laugh about it over a decade later.

So my dad took me to the arcade in Circus Circus at Las Vegas. I went straight to the TMNT machine while my older brother left to beast in super turbo. Shortly thereafter, this black kid comes up and joins in. His dad is there too, and while the two of us play, our dads just stand at opposite sides of the machine and watch quietly.

Eventually, we make it to super shredder and he starts spamming that 1-hit ko move. The black kid must have died like 10 times while I only died twice. Unbeknownst to the players, the fathers were keeping track of how many quarters we put in to the machine to beat that game. When the black kid and his dad left, my father took out a 5 dollar bill and told me, “This is the difference between you and him,” and promptly handed it to me to spend it however I liked.

Another story~

Las Vegas again. Different year. My dad gave my brother and me ten dollars each to spend at the arcade in New York New York while he went to go gamble in the casino. In two hours, we were supposed to meet in front of the restaurant. I always felt that I was pretty good at video games, but after only an hour I was already down to my last dollar. I spent that last hour wandering around looking for an easy game to kill some time and make it last, but in the end I couldn’t make a decision and blew it on some crane game.

During this time, I noticed that my brother was in front of the ST machine the entire time. When we finally met up in front of the restaurant, he came back with 5 dollars left. When I asked him how he managed to only spend $5 in two hours he said, “You don’t spend much when you’re winning.” That was the day I learned the true value of a quarter.