Favorite UMvC3 Player?


My favorite player is Flocker. He is very good with Zero, very good ways to get people into a corner, his vergil skills are very unique but I’ve seen better, and his Hawkeye is very good.


Favorite to watch? Definately comebackfiend…


ChrisG. Not going to lie, I don’t watch too much Marvel but his ability to steamroll and dominate his opponents is simply incredible. He gives order to a game that is nothing but chaos.


MarlinPie forever. Even if he never goes back to dominating, he’s always gonna be fun to watch and a bit of a troll. And the memories of 2012 will never fade~

Otherwise: Angelic, Zak Bennett, Moons, RayRay, Tenboss, Kusoru.


Rayray. His playstyle and overall game is so fun to watch. I wish my mags was as good as his…

other mentions are marlinpie, yipes, miniboss and fchamp

  • IFC Yipes. [Mostly when he plays Dante :D]

Others that come to mind: Rubeks, Greenace, Justin, Marlin, RayRay, Combofiend, Clockwork, Angelic, Any good Dante (Marvelo when he plays Dante, Dap, Foot, etc_


I like Yipes too. I wish I was good with Dante as he is.




If you’re saying this guy isn’t your favourite to watch, you’re wrong.



Yipes. Dat Dante influenced how I play.
Abegen. Amazing player.


Marlinpie’s freaking funny!!!




Combofiend (really needs to ‘come-back’), Liquidmetal, Flocker, PR Rog, Abegen, Richard Nguyen. Marlinpie’s up there too.


Richard Nguyen’s one of my favorites too


my fav is jwong the only one who completely dominated kaneblueriver


Kane’s been dominated before by a number of players other than justin in tournament…


My favorite Players to watch * click the spoiler. I will edit to add more on the list.

[details=Spoiler]1. Paradigm (Haggar Resets in an unexpected way, and uses counter that counters his Haggar resets)

  1. Clockw0rk (Mostly Strider, also plays his team in a diffrent order)

  2. LLND (Team with good Synergy)

  3. KBR

  4. Moonz

  5. Treblig-Punisher (Team with good Synergy)

  6. Scrubeks (X-Factor Skrull Combo with 100 Swag)

  7. Brian Kasugano (Mostly for Chun Li)

  8. Angelic

  9. Abegen

  10. IFC Yipes (Mostly for Dante)

  11. MarlinPie

  12. RayRay (Mostly for every character he uses in his team Ryu/Magneto/Doom/Sentinel)

  13. FChamp (Mostly for Dormammmu)

  14. NYChrisG (Mostly for Morrigan, and Having amazing defense. I get really excited when I see someone beats him on stream)

  15. Richard Nguyen

  16. MiniBoss (Interesting Setups with Strange, LvL 3 Xfactor Doom)

  17. Zacka (Team with good synergy beside ZMC)

  18. WolfStreet (Mostly for Phoenix Wright)

  19. Nemo

  20. Justin Wong

  21. Cloud805 (Sometimes plays ZMC in a different order, for example Point Dante/Anchor Zero)

  22. Garrett (Interesting Tech with Spiderman/RR/Strange)

  23. Combofiend (Mostly for She-Hulk especially in Vanilla)

  24. Ranmasama

  25. Freedom (Pretty good Iron Man ^_^)


Justin Wong!

  1. Marlinpie
  2. Justin Wong
  3. IFC Yipes


Lily Ko