Favorite Version of Street Fighter 2

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I always thought that Street Fighter 2’ Hyper Fighting was kick ass when it came out at the arcades. With the release of the console version, I was hellbent on spending all my free time on it. When Super and Super Turbo came out, I was kinda awed that Capcom hadn’t decided to make a new game by then instead of rehashing the already dated SF2 game. To me, SSF2 was a shame because they didn’t implement turbo speed. Then SSF2T came out and they added new special normals and a super meter, which I never grew fond of. The controls were very stiff and the gameplay was tweaked severely from the lovable Turbo classic. Yeah, I admit that Super and Super Turbo had the coolest intro toemit from an arcade screen, but that didn’t merit the worth of my quarters being wasted on a lack luster, rehashed game.

It is only my opinion, but I consider Hyper Fighting to be one of the best Street Fighters. Great gameplay, balanced characters, awesome controls, and “no stupid super meter to cover your ass.”*

*Derived from the Gibson advertisement of Acoustic guitars. It originally read: “No distortion to cover your ass.”

anniversary edition because you can use all characters from the other incarnation in super turbos engine.

ST for perfecting the series that defines fighting games

The Anniversey Collection is another thing… to me it is like a 6th version… as if we needed another to wrap up the others for yet another sequel. SF:AC isn’t any of the games it emulates - it is an entirely new game. Yeah, you got all the character’s versions in it, but some glitches from the originals are missing like CPS1 chain combo and Guile’s handcuffs. It is still a cool game, but it doesn’t exactly succeed in what it set out to do, and that is to bring all the SF2 variants into one package.

Plus, it is a total pain that the CPU only uses SuperT characters and all the bonus stages are missing… Capcom just took SSF2T and added 40 or so characters.

st and sfae are my faves

cps1 chain is still in sfae

ROFL to the person who voted WW. Just because it’s the oldest and it “Started it all!!1!1one” doesn’t make it the best. No matter how you slice it, it’s the worst of the lot. Redizzies, lack of balance, can’t have 2 of the same character, slow gameplay. Seriously, OG fanboys need to take a step back from nostalgia and look from a gameplay perspective. I mean, I can at least UNDERSTAND where the people who voted HF come from (I disagree, but I can understand them), but WW? Come on.

Right. That’s exactly what we needed in the SFAC: Guile’s handcuff glitch.

and ST also has the best player select music

Word. It’s like somebody else here said (I forgot who) - the winner WW was decided at the character select screen. It was a race to get Guile first.

People talk about all these other games having such low tiers, WW is the brokenest (is that a word?)of 'em all, you got 8 characters total and one single character dominates the whole shit!

“the most broken” would be the best way to say that.

same can be said of champion edition

SSF2T kicks ass.

st of course, such a silly poll.

Definitely ST!!!

Gracias, amigo, mi Ingles esta no perfecto, y mi espaol esta poco mal.

Well yeah, but the refference to people whining about broken characters I meant mainly the people that cry about the big 4 in Marvel, or cry about ‘the trinity’ in 3S… At least in those games there’s counter characters, and if thats who you play, you can pick the same team. In WW there’s only one Guile, that was the point I was making.

Really? CE dominated by just one 1 char…i dunno. I remember Schaeffer posting about how good Ce Bison was, yet he wasn’t the dominant force. Imo I always thought Ce revolved around Ryu, Guile, and Sim with alot of other strong chars (CE purists/experts feel free to shed some info on this).

This was a tough call for me, between HF & SSF2 (yes, SSF2 not ST). In the end I voted for SSF2, I just can’t give up the arc hk & short hk that ryu has :karate: To me, SSF2 is just HF Plus…if Capcom only would have fixed the speed. By HF Plus I mean, it’s not a radical departure from the basic SF2 engine. ST in many regards is quite radical and walks that fine line between SF2 and some completley different game.

As much as I love ST’s remix of the original SF theme, I don’t think it worked that well as a character select theme… Maybe it’s just the nostalgia, but the WW-Super selection theme just seemed to fit better.

You know that there is a ST revial edition on GBA and I think on possibily on another system. And didn’t SSF2 console release feature ST features or am I just no remembering right.

I have revival. Decent port of the game, but lots of animations missing, especially Vega.

I don’t think so. Someone can double check but within 6 months of SSF2 coming to arcades, it came to consoles and almost no one expected another. I could be wrong, but I don’t think the console version had turbo either.

I love your sig, Wellman. What a great quote.

Except at least in CE you had the opportunity to beat Bison by selecting Bison yourself. As bbq posted, in WW, the first person to get to Guile, wins. There was no way to at least match a Guile player in skill with the same character.