Favorite version of Street Fighter?


What is your favorite version and why?




This troll thread would be infinitely more effective if placed within the SSF4 forum.

As I see it.


The porno version…


ah yea gurl


Spent a lot of quarters on Champion Edition back then.

Spent a lot of time also on SNES Turbo.

Fair amount of time for SSF2.

Not enough SSF2T by the time it came out.

By the time Alpha1/2/3 was out, I completely lost interest in fighting games.

SSF4:AE is probably the top for me right now. It’s so balanced and good.


The cartoon because T.Hawk flies.




Alpha 2. Best cast, best themes, best stages, best SF!

Well A3 had a better cast, but everything else was wack!


The one with the chocolate glaze on top.


The balls are inert


Always wear protection


sure you can!!!


Hahaha, oh god can you post that on here?

My fave would be the one with airdashes and cute little girls.


my favorite street fighter is Mike Haggar





Vintage SSF4.

As I see it.