Favorite Video Game Music


Time to bring up my rep! (even though I don’t care about it)
I love video game music because it has many genres. Thanks for vgmusic, I am listening to all types of music. So name your favorite song from a video game. Tthere is probably a thread but a swag-fag always told me, YOLO!

This song made me love Rock! First playing GG and I pick May and then I started to fight Chipp. I got hooked onto the game and this song. Of course Chipp isn’t my favorite character (don’t know how the hell he got so good in AC+), that award goes to Millia Rage, but his does have my favorite song.

I am tired right now so I will edit this later.

Anyways, post your song down below or post another thread that is exactly like this. :smiley:


Use the search function trust me it’s not as scary as you think!


It’s even on the first page for once!
All you had to do was look down!


Yeah, I had a feeling there was a thread but I am really lazy. (but not for making threads.) Well thanks anyways. Also, I said YOLO so I guess there was no harm for making a thread. :smiley:


great for jacking