Favorite Video Game Sounds

With the Scott Pilgrim Trailer out one of the things that stood out to me, and hopefully to the majority of you on the boards, was the SFA3 announcer saying K O ! Favorite part of the trailer and probably the only reason I watched the trailer like 6 times.

However with that said, it just brought up the idea in my head, what are your favorite video game sounds? Not quotes obviously, engrish perhaps, or sayings during a move (hadoukens etc.) nor video game music since we already have a thread for that, but the bleeps and bloops we get from the characters we control? Of course shorter musical sounds are welcomed such as the Contra Beating a level theme. Here are a few of my favorites:

MvC2: When the announcer says “FINISH” kind of over the tops everything about the game, but it’s a far more definitive ending to one KO when you’re in the middle of the match.

Strider: The “shing” of his sword. Positively the most badass video game weapon of the 80’s.

Link to the Past: Link falling into a pit. It’s comedic and sort of sad at the same time. You know that you fucked up but it plays on the good old cartoon version of dropping from a height.


Lavos Spell Random Status

-The “clank” sound when you hit metallic objects in MvC2
-The shotgun blast sound when you land a super combo in 3S
-The last hit of Dan’s super/ultra in SF4
-When someone gets stabbed by Hyo in Rival Schools
-Super Shotgun from Doom 2

There’s probably many more I could list…

Pause sound in SF2:WW, sounds like an excerpt from robot porn.


  • jumping (whoop)
  • getting an item (boo)
  • getting a shield (wong)
  • getting an emerald (YES!!!)

Edit: looking at the LttP one reminded me of falling to your death in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddesy (WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhh crash dun dun)

Pretty much any sound effect in Super Castlevania IV. Anything from when Simon takes damage, the creaking of those huge chandeliers, or Gaibon’s battle cries.

This for sure, and the old school shotgun sound, and like EVERY monster sound.

Also, for some reason I love the nazi vocals in the original Wolfenstein.

And C Viper getting beat. Sounds like you just ripped out an ovary.

The sounds of both the boomer and she-boomer. I want that shit as my ringtone.

-The sound that Link makes when he takes a hit in Zelda 2
-Mr. X’s laugh in Kung Fu
-When you hit someone with the flying knee in Double Dragon 2 for the NES
-Buster Wolf sound when Terry rushes at you in MotW
-Disappearing block sound in the NES Mega Man games
-That “ping” sound when you hit something in Contra for the NES

Sonic sound effects are always ear candy

The only sound that will ever matter is that sound the Diablo 2 game makes when you drop a skull in your inventory.


-The “tink!” that lets you know you have one second left to live before you die by torque bow explosion in Gears of War
-The “tung!” of Rolento’s wire at the end of his super

my favorite sound is in the first super smash bros on that pokemon stage where charmander is like


Jumping on Kremlins in DKC2

FFT holy spell [media=youtube]RpzzeH94Cxg[/media]

Finding wonder chef in the tales series.[media=youtube]CrFQF4RMAOE[/media] At 2:08

Zelda chime when you find a secret room. The codec ring in MGS. The sound of sidewinder FFXI.

Acoustic guitar in Diablo 1 Tristram. Just beautiful.
Double shotty from Doom.
Blood and various other dismemberment sounds from NG 2.


Frank Frank Hadoken

The kicking sound in Fist of the north star for nes

haggar"s death cry

The life refill sound in the classic Megaman games
The shot sound the Beam Rifle has in Halo 2
Various battle sounds from Earthbound