Favorite Video Game Sounds

Sonic Boom.

Strider’s sword slash in the original Strider.

In a masochistic way, I may be a total wuss, but I still like the sound of the radar in AvP2.

The schwing sounding noise from a Genocide Cutter in any KOF.
That noise that sounds like a champagne cork popping in AOF and some KOF games.
Punch sound effects in classic KOF games.
Various noises in AvP, such as the motion tracker, Predator growling and Aliens screeching.
Sound of weapons clashing in Soul Calibur games.
The noise from Graves guns in GunGrave
The sound from a Tiger Upper connecting with an opponent

And I think I’ll leave it at that, or I’ll be typing all day.

The reload sound for the Devastator in the original perfect dark.

Whenever you discover a hidden object or solve a puzzle in Killer7, there’s an acoustic guitar riff that I find very appropriate. It’s almost like an epiphinous sound.

Mario 1-Up sound
MvC2 "Super Combo Finish"
Alpha 1 "Perfect"
Zelda Discovery sound
Soul calibur 3 "Scatter and die"
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! when either Glass Joe or Don Flamenco falls down

For me, it is easily the “ONK!!” noise that all the kremlings make in Donkey Kong Country 2. In the 1st DKC, the only enemies who made that wonderful noise was the big muscled blue one named Krusher and of course, the main boss, King K. Rool. When I heard it for the 1st time in 1994, I used to just play those levels to hear the noise lol.

I also enjoy the noise Yoshi makes in Super Mario World when you jump on him, or the clapping noise the charging chuck enemies make when they jump lol.

I’m glad nobody said this one before me,
The knife sound effects in the Metal Slug series.

I love the announcer in A3 and Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter.

-The gunfire for the awp in Counter Strike. It’s the sound of a potential one shot kill.
-And Yoshi’s sound effects in Super Mario World. It’s a classic.
-Chocobo sound effects in earlier Final Fantasy games. Cause oversized birds make weirdass warking sounds.

The echo sound effect when characters from AOF hit their special moves/SDMs: [media=youtube]3PSfqb3UNrg[/media]
also Ryos [media=youtube]k-nTCIUGsg4[/media]

the achievement sound
the megaman get hit sound

Was it just me, or did that sound get LOUD in Mega Man 3?

“ssstaaaaars” from RE
the hollow bump you get when bump into the back of the car in front in f-zero on the snes.
dual shotty from quake 2 with the bass turned up.
large energy pill in megaman
plasma rounds splashing rocks near you in halo

Shriichink! (Pwooosh!)

So satisfying hitting people off ledges with that attack.

You mean “Pawfet”

Love some A1.

I forgot one. The sound of the energy cannons that the Hunters from Halo use. I call it the Puppy Gun since it sounds like a puppy yelping.

I call it the Refreshing Blow

The nice sound effect of when the giant sword comes crashing down into bowser’s castle in Super Mario RPG.

Ah man I swear there’s something up with the acheivement sound, started just hearing it randomly when nowhere near a 360 for a while, was kind of weird.

I’d have to go for:
The noise made by Rachel from BB when you hold down long enough and she falls asleep
The sound of a ring being collected in the sonic games
And either the sound of using the sonar in Eccho or the sound of hitting a glyph (can’t decide which)

The sound in MGS4 when you alert an enemy.