Favorite way to piss off scrubs

Was on 2DF last night, and my god, just filled with Shoto scrubs. Every scrub (using keyboard) loves Ken. I still don’t get why, I mean, when I first start playing a fighter I fuck around a little as the Shoto. Then I move on to a more unique character that better represents my style. Anyway, this one guy was pissing me off with random Shoryu’s up the ass in SF3. So I picked Alex and just did the Stomp Crossup the entire time.

Good times. This is the second guy I made ragequit on 2DF with Alex.

Using only jab’s to win.


And no other moves.
And no 3x jab combos.

Tick throws.

Nothing angers people more than tick throws, nothing!

Sit there, and let them attack…and counter every thing they do with a single regular attack and a minimum of effort. I used to even yawn when i did this back in the arcade days. It’s hella frustrating for them: trying their damndest to beat you and you’re barely even noticing them. When you knock them down, don’t try to pressure them. Just stand back, let them get up and beat them down again. Just like in kung-fu movies when the hero gets owned by the guy he wants to learn from.

Dan’s ultra.

Especially when they let their guard down and you time that shit just right.

Taunting in their face. Taunting after a knockdown or combo, too. Though “pissing off scrubs” itself is a pretty scrubby thing to do.

I play Akuma and am very use to the “tag n’ run” technique. I’ve gotten a ton of rage quitters, even caught a few on camera/Youtube (xvBANDITvx).

Tonight I’m going to try and do nothing but teleport and LP. Might try it in a championship match too, lol!

Oh gotta add these to annoy people:

  • Hump their meter
  • Hump your own meter
  • Hit…Run…tap down a few times, wait and repeat
  • Only use HK (roundhouse) then run and repeat

Taunt KO’s a la 3S, sandbag for half the match then scraping them afterwards, dem tick throws (preferably with Dictator), telling them that they suck at cleaning bathtubs