Favorite Win Quotes?


What are some of your Favorite Win Quotes in the game?

EDIT: Mine is personally, Akuma/Gouki’s Raging Demon Finish:

When he KO his enemy with Raging Demon, everything keeps quiet until he says “Messatsu…”. it’s just… pure badass.


not SFIV related but they are fun

cult quotes :

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
Now that you’re dead
I’m gonna piss on you”

“Whats that brown stuff on the floor?
Oh yeah, thats all the shit I’ve beaten out of you”

Savage, Time Slaughter


Your favorite win quotes IN THE GAME.
Now that the font is that big, you can’t possibly miss the word.


but they are in-game quotes! you do not define clearly what you mean by in-game. or better change the title to “favorite win stances”


We are in the SSF4 Forum Section, so i am referring to that game.
If I want quotes from other game, i would have put it to different section.


With “Win Quotes”, do you mean the stuff that characters randomly babble after they win a round, or the text that comes after you won a match which you select pre-gamestart?


Go home and be a family man.



The one where Cody takes like 15 seconds to walk off screen

And then he’s back for the next round


Oni <3<3<3

After-round babble: "Such weakness."
Win quote: “Oni has finished your battle.”


The one where Rufus says a bunch of shit about stuff. Or maybe the one where he says a bunch of stuff about other shit. So many to choose from!


All of Akuma’s, but the one against Seth in particular:

‘‘May you rot for all eternity in a putrefying grave, you insolent worm!’’


“Evil? Like the concept of gods, this is a meaningless human construct”



“Thanks for fighting me!”


EDIT: Two of them.


that was settled from start since I mentioned “not SSF4 related”. THAT GAME can only mean Time Slaughter, since no one wants to talk about it.


Well excuse me, I didn’t saw the “not SSF4 related” thing.


-guy "oh shit, the oven"
runs out of the screen


you are forgiven my child. you are forgiven.
I made the mistake first though, I admit it !


“Idiot” by akuma. Win quote n°7


I’m old-school, so I like the shoutout quotes:

Gouken #11: "You must defeat me to stand a chance!"
Sagat #9: “You’re not a warrior. You are a beginner!”