Favorites you never expected


Most of your favorite things are those you kind of know you’re going to like. The Shield, for instance, was an instant favorite show of mine from episode 1, but I already knew I’d like a show about dirty cops.

Some favorites completely surprise you though. They’re either things you didn’t think you’d like or things you had no idea existed. This is about them. I’m not talking just the usual TV/Movies/Games either. Food, gadgets, random items. Everything applies.

Couple of mine:

Breaking Bad. This is my favorite show right now, but… the premise. High school teacher gets cancer and starts making meth. Played by Hal on Malcolm in the Middle. I breezed right past that shit for years when it first came out. Then I picked it up some time during season 3 and am hanging on every episode now.

Rosemary and Garlic. This falls into the “no idea” category. I salted a steak for an hour with this mix of herbs on it, and the final product left its parents on Krypton. Lack of time, money, and space to prepare the steak often is the ONLY reason I don’t eat that shit every day.

Mortal Kombat 9. I’ll get hate for this, but meh. This falls WAY into the “wont like” category. I hated MK after Armageddon, and I NEVER thought even a halfway decent MK game would hit the streets. Now, despite flaws, this is my favorite game to play online right now. By a mile. I literally can’t play this shit on weekdays because I know I’ll stay up too long playing it and be groggy at work the next morning.

How about you?

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