Favourite character voice acting


One of the reasons why I love this game so much is the sounds, especially the character voice acting (not cut scenes and stuff, but during moves etc).
My favourite are:
E honda JP - especially the “zotu” when he whiffs a throw - I dunno I just like it
Sagat JP - many people dislike his JP voice because it’s a bit Engrish, but I love it, especially the way he says "tiiguuuur destluction"
Balrog JP - possibly my favourite, the voice fits the character (a bully) so well, especially during ultra 2(which you never get to hear :frowning: ) and ex headbutt
Dictator JP - simply delicious voice
Sakura JP - I love this voice so much, fits the character perfectly

As you can tell, I don’t think much of the english voices


Herp derp japan dick rider.

I would agree with honda and sakura though. Honda’s laugh is amazing.

Also I do like cammy’s english voice although british friends say it’s awful. lol.

Ibuki in japanese sounds pretty good too.

There’s not realy much to say on others. Most english are average. Not terrible but mostly i prefer japanese.


really? lol and I was going to say she’s about the only one I really enjoy. Juri’s VA’s are good too, but the Japanese one is just a bit more sexy. I don’t know what she’s saying, but I like the way she says it!


I like it too. For me it’s just a stereotipical british accent. Maybe it’s just us foreigners.


Cody ENG
Chun-Li ENG
Dudley ENG
Balrog ENG
Yang ENG
Ibuki ENG
Cammy ENG
Akuma JP
Oni JP
Sagat JP
El Fuerte JP
Seriously though, I enjoy the English Voices more than the Japanese Voices overall.
Cody just sounds badass.
But I will never get why my friends put Cammy in Japanese I just go wtf since she’s from the UK and all.
Maybe for some Japanese Voices, it can be reasonable or the engrish is pretty funny as I have loads and loads of Engrish still :B.
Like for Sagat’s Japanese Voice, I like how he says Tiger Uppercut, he says like TIGAR UPPERCUH
I use a mix between Akuma and Oni’s Voices in JP and ENG, I use both in-between, the only real thing that bothers me is all the translation errors but I can deal with it.
And overall, I hate Dudley’s JP Voice the most due to how it just doesn’t fit imo.
Makoto’s ENG Voice is a big one but I can understand due to Makoto’s dialect.


cody english is a must. that japanese voice is so godamn irritating.


Sakura JP mai waifu


JP Cody is still legit. He says “Take It!” when he does Criminal Upper and now ENG Cody says it in SFxT.

I’ve been playing All english since I bought AE for PS3. I use to hate ENG Ryu and Honda but now I’m use to them. I hated how ENG Ryu doesn’t say “Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku” when he does it, but since people throw it out like idiots, I guess it’s more fitting if he grunts. Honda sounds like a fat otaku. His English voice is perfect for Sodom.

Honorable mentions include Profound Sadness, Can of Sprite, let my Spirit Balls guide you, JAP Siberian Blizzard, and ENG Vega’s laugh which can only be heard in Trial mode or Timeout victory.


Jap Bison by far. that man is a legend.

That is a fact.





I don’t know how people can stand japanese Sagat. That shit sounds horrible.

Just do an ex uppercut. What the hell is he saying? “pffupftbbfupftffff”

English Cody and Gief are godlike though.


People only like Japanese Sagat because of his Tiger Engrish.


i eventually switched sagat to japanese because i got tired of hearing "tiger shot tiger shot tiger shot tiger shot!"
in even less time, i got tired of “pirate soap pirate soap,” etc.

i like chun li and rose voice acting, both english and japanese.


Zangief JP - I’m playing Zangief for a long time and somehow I found JP voice to be better, especially when I do Ultra 2. I know everyone loves to hear “I’m the protector of the Russain skies”… thing but if you use it a lot you’ll get bored of it quickly.
Cody ENG - Cody’s English voice acting is great, but the Japanese is not even near to it.
Dudley ENG - His Japanese voice acting is good too, but it doesn’t fit the character.
Akuma both - His English voice is badass, but the Japanese fit’s his bio more. I personally use his English voice, but I like both.
Honda JP - Well, I guess I doesn’t have to give a reason for that, lol.


I’m a big fan of Balrog in japanese, especially when he headbutts, he sounds like a true retarded boxer


Jap Balrog when he dash punches and grunts
English zangief IDIOT


Cody - ENG - Perfect fit for the character
Honda - JP - Same as above
Akuma - JP - I hate the ENG actor for Akuma yelling about “one thousand deaths”. Sounds lame as hell.
Dudley - ENG - SFIII’s actor was better but he’s still good in SFIV
Zangief - ENG - Never heard him in JP and don’t want to. His stereotypical Russian accent is a must.


Cammy - JP
Chun Li - JP


Are you serious? All I hear during that ultra is "Tiger… WHITE CASTLE"
And I’ve tried my hardest to hear “destruction” but I can’t make it out at all.

Ontopic: Cammy, Cody and Vega in English are spot on in voice acting. Those three just stand out above the rest.


Whoever the hell did Juri’s english and japanese voices