Favourite Colour?

Im just wondering what everyone thinks is the best colour to use for Yun. I personally cant decide so im gonna ask everyone here.

i personally choose yellow
not that i like yellow…
it’s becoz least ppl use it
and i think… ppl will not realise u using EX with ur character’s color being yellow LOL (this is just plain stupid)
thats y i picked all my characters in yellow haha
except akuma coz he doesnt have EX

Watch my av
but I do have to admit that whenever Im gettin on an important match I pick the K.O color to feel that K.O supports me :sweat:
BTW, as what I know
Nitto was the first yun to pick the forward color

It’s all about the fierce Yun.

Just about everyone (including me) who uses fierce Yun sucks. How else do you explain why you hardly ever see fierce Yuns in vids?

Suckage represent.

I go with original (Jab).
If I’m rarely feeling like YouHou or SA2 I go for all black and white though (short).

i started with yellow and black then me and fatbear played one match for yellow yun and he won then after playing nitto for like 4 hours sunday at evo i chose nitto color red hat/white shirt/blue pants i’m actually happier with that color its brighter makes me feel good no homo

lk color is the best, but I always use the secret color

For anyone wondering what these colors look like.

Red and Black

And where is your av?

And for that nitto colour I just dont really know much about nitto I only read he was like one of the best Yuns but thats all and I’ve seen more of Pyrolee so yeah.

Ok is not the same but its supposed to be Issay’s color (jab, forward, fierce one)

yellow and black for me…

I use the white one (short).

It depends on what I have on IRL. I’m always wearing hats too.

White (short) 50% of the time, Black 40% and the other 10% depends on what I feel like using at the moment.

But sometimes I’ll use KO or Pyro’s color just to see if I can feel the power.:rofl:


I’m 1st player, go figure.

Damn your so good =[ I wanna get that good >.<


Dunno why I like this Yun, but, I do. When I first decided I was going to maybe start playing Yun, thats the first one I picked and stuck with it. But if i’m playing and they don’t have the extra colors then i’ll use normal jab.

nice setups
leap then low parry xD

i don’t know why that black yun kept saving his meter
he could have activate and get another full meter very soon … = =

I use the Yun color that’s getting their ass kicked on that Youtube clip. (lp+mk+fp)

I like having black clothes… ahem (TEAM MATRIX IN MARVEL) Black cable/sent/capcom :rofl:


That costume rules