Favourite Sf4 stage


Whats your favourite sf4 stage?

mine = Old Temple Stage

without seth lab & volcano cause they are not so good i think.


Over pass all day, best stage song as well


Overpass dawg


Obviously overpass. Little Justin in the background makes it the best.


Morning mist bitches! Beautiful bay hoes!


I like the Drive-In just because of all the neon.

Snowy Rail Yard and Volcanic Rim have gdlk music though. In the end I’m not paying all that much attention to the music or background.


Overpass easily eclipses all the others. Has the most character and charm out of all of them. Really pleasant and soothing colors as well. It does a lot with just a little.

Compare it to Drive In that has so much going on, a lot of individuals doing stuff, but as a whole isn’t very pleasing. Almost plastic and a little too chaotic. I think they were going for the feel the OG Boxer/Las Vegas stage had, but it just doesn’t pull together.

P.S. It doesn’t help that the chicks hanging out the window of the low rider are practically breaking their backs. They should have cut them out and just left the car or put them standing beside it.

IMO of course.


I kind of wish they just recreated all the stages from SF2 tbh, maybe from different camera angles or positions. Like in Vega’s stage it’s inside the bar. Perhaps on Ken’s stage it’s at the docks, but on a pier with other boats.

I personally love stages with CROWDS, but crowds that seem, involved. The Drive-In and China street feel artificial. While Overpass feels perfect cuz of the kids reactions. KOF97 was my favorite King of Fighters stage wise, because it had cameras and crowds from all over the world watching the tournament. Giving my fight some meaning is always hot. I want to see people cheering and placing bets.

That said all the stages in SF4 are underwhelming to me, and the music does not pump me up like Third Strike’s. Remy’s club stage in third strike is colorful, yet dark and has music that makes me feel like I’m fighting right outside the club. Nothing gets me ready for a fight like China Vox on Chun-Li’s stage, and Gill’s theme and presentation always gets me excited to finish off the arcade mode. SF4 is seriously lacking in, personality. Artistically, it’s well done, but so are random images of landscapes or fruit… beautiful, yet without soul.


My favorite stage pick is “Random”.


Overpass should be banned

you don’t know how many matches i’ve fucked up in laughing at the fat asian kid who falls down every 4 seconds.


Overpass is obviously God Tier.


Easily Overpass. That fat kid is God-Tier.


i only pick these same stages over and over again because of the music:

  1. inland jungle
  2. drive-in
  3. the bays
  4. snowy rail yard
  5. overpass


Drive-in. Great Music, and it doesn’t look too shabby either.


I’ve replaced all the music with ST music, and going by that I’d choose the one that has the Fei Long track. Of the built-in ones however, I’d say airfield if going with the music. If music is not the deciding factor, then I’d choose old temple or destillery.

Now if overpass didn’t have the children in the background, and the music was not horrible pop-trance, I’d probably like it a bit more.


Morning Mist Bay + Cruiseship are tied for best

I absolutely hate the volcano stage. I wont use random stage select just to avoid that.


Pitch Black Jungle, love the darkness, heavy cel-shaded outlines, especially when I use Akuma, glowing red eyes.


I like a lot of them equally, even with the music and all, the one i don’t like too much is historic distillery.


Fights in Deserted Temple seems pretty intense to me, so whenever am playing after a long break, I start with the temple and then the boat ones. I don’t like stages with many people in the background.


overpass is the worst

best are
old temple
and snowy railyard