Favourite Sf4 stage


Small airfield just cause it’s so bright and clear.


by far Old Temple all the way! :china:


All about the Crowded Downtown, Snowy Railyard, and Drive-In at Night. Old temple was cool at the beginning, but it started to wear down. Beautiful Bay comes close too.

How the fuck is Overpass winning? -- people who pick that stage get wrecked --


Going to have to go with Jungle due to the monkeys. :lol


I kinda hate overpass. The song is really annoying.

Old Temple, Beautiful Bay, and Inland Jungle for me.

I suspect my new favorite additions from Super SF4 will just be Savannah and India. I really like the theme and the lightning those stages have and put on the characters.


Only thing getting wrecked is your tacky taste. Drive-in? You have eyes in that head of yours? :stuck_out_tongue:


training stage.

just me, the opponent and grid lines for spacing and timing.

Overpass and the african airfield are the only ones I don’t get angry at when I accidentally select them instead of training stage. Volcano, and Seth’s lab are the worst. I’ll rage quit if I end up on those stages online :mad: [spoiler=](okay not really, but I’ve thought about it)[/spoiler]


Hell if I know…Overpass is EASILY the worst. The song is fckn terrible, same with the kids in the back.


Everyone knows Drive in at night is the best stage/song.


Air field!


When I first played the game, it seems I got Drive In, Bay and Cruise Ship all the time, and never saw the Overpass. So when I did start seeing it, I was less familiar with ist, and so I liked it more. Partly also for the kid’s reactions. Reminds me of school stages in older games.

Didn’t used to see much of temple either - when I first got Akuma I thought it was only for him.

Same here. Aside from the obvious jungle, China, airfield, India and Metro City, I miss the days of SFII, A2, and A3. As far as I remember, it’s been a good while since we had that. It would be good to introduce one per character, but then, with 35 characters, it would be too much effort.

That’s my reason for liking Russia as well. And the bland music in distillery is the reason that isn’t my favorite.

Fave is probably volcano or eclipse. Secret lab is pretty epic though - a good climax to arcade, and it reminds me of the last level of Moonwalker.


Airfield and the China stage.


Too bad we can’t edit the poll to remove Crowded Downtown/Rundown Back Alley and put in something from Super.


When I first started playing I fell in love with Old Temple, later Deserted Temple (Musically - Thing is I had seen so many epic matches and finals fought in Old Temple so it overshadowed Deserted to some degree.

Then later on in my gaming I realised that certain stages where absolutely hideous on my poor GFX card/FPS (Especially as I record every match) and certain stages eventually fell off the Radar.

Drive In & Night is the most horrid for FPS - Shame as it’s not a bad stage and the music is decent.

Eventually for some unknown reason I got entirely sick of the Temples and absolutely loved Beautiful Bay, the music in that stage always gets me into the fight - Sure there’s not a lot going on bar some bouncing bottles and a sleepy old man you keep waking up as well as big splashes from big impacts but in fairness the last thing you want from a stage is too much distraction.

In the end, despite actually liking 75% of the Soundtrack, I eventually made my own music pack for every level just to spice things up and keep me interested.

I never understood the love for Overpass - It looks good and has atmosphere but I find it pretty bland, the children are funny but you’re not meant to be watching them, and the music does nothing for me.

I voted for Beautiful Bay / Morning Mist Bay - Two nice looking levels with good music and easy on the FPS.

It’s funny how appreciation for a level changes purely by adding music you yourself like.

I used to hate Snowy Rail Yard, Laboratory, Historic Distillery and many others but now that they contain my own music and actually have decent FPS I play them very often.

Take Lab for example - The music was good but not upbeat enough for me in a fighting game so I simply replaced it with Weskers Theme from RE4 (Ironic swapping it for another Capcom Theme) and the whole creepy sound goes very well with the background beeps of machines and the like.


So, another question for the visitors - What music would you use for certain levels if you don’t like what the game sounds like as it is?


old temple.
and i play with gouken so is great when i fight against akuma in the deserted temple


i liked the crusise ship music and the africa music. Stagewise cruise ship and africa beat the others. Best thing about africa is balrog pokes his head out of the plane and acts stupid, then you blow off the wing.
As for cruise, the scoregirl looks cool, they should add her instead of the two new shotos they did for AE…


Snowy Rail Yard, cause its snowy


Old temple/Deserted temple…because that’s where Gouki appears.


You’re all crazy
Pitch Black Jungle is the best

The music is sick and it’s dark
What more can you ask for?


Guile’s stage