Favourite Stick Case Materials...?

I’m in the middle of the schematics for a new stick, and I started wondering what materials everyone preferred for the case if any…

For example if you got a custom stick would you prefer a wooden case or a plastic one… or even a metal one? (I know it would affect the cost but still…)

Bit of a strange one I guess, but I’m thinking of producing a run of sticks so…

I think most of the people I’ve seen here prefer wood cases. Seems like it’s got a better weight to it, plus it’s going to be easier for you to build and be sturdy.

And here’s a tip: Build your sticks, then sell them.

Unless you’ve got serious skills or all the time in the world, it’s a bad idea to take the orders first, then build. Almost every problem you’ll see with people selling sticks on these boards is people getting themselves in too deep.

I would like a solid metal stick around the size and shape of a VSHG, maybe with a brushed steel finish. Tempered Glass bottom to show-off the inside. Yea I know I’m dreaming, but it would be hot!

Yeah, good few points there, I guess I wonder whether my stick would have a more ‘professional’ image if I used certain materials. I would prefer a metal case, but a lightweight frame would be… well… light…

I thought about having a mold built that I can produce cases from, but I’m unsure at the moment.

Oh and Steve, if I end up using solid metal I’ll let you know, ha ha…

I like Metal and wood cases.

Plastic is my least preferred.

I like wood. Though a molded plexi case would be awesome. Think about it, glass smooth corners. One piece 0 seam case, the only other piece of the case would be the bottom panel.

Shaded plexi to look like smoked glass would be awesome. I’d rig it up with the light up LED’s on the button presses. Have that thing blinkin like Uhura’s control panel on Star Trek.

Am I serious about how awesome this would look? Yes

Did I google a picture of Uhura and make a flashing gif for emphasis? Absolutely!

I’m a big fan of metal cases, considering putting one together for myself.

I like clear plastic with neon light kits.

I’ve never used a good wooden case(besides arcade cabs) but out of my metal case and the plastic ones I have used metal all the way.

Well I guess I have to finish these schematics first, but I might end up using a combination now, it depends on how my first build/prototype turns out.

There’s still plenty of trial and error left…

I have designed my new case design on AutoCAD using anodized aluminium metal.
That can be custom cut to any size and does not chip like timber cases, and does not take a million hours of cutting sanding painting etc

Speaking of which, I know most of you hate plastic. But I recall seeing a post about plastic enclosures on here, and I dont think that person ever went through with it. I want to build another stick, but I don’t really need it to be all that pimped out. So I was wondering if something like this would be big and durable enough to use…

That’s the kind of thing I was originally going for, with metal mounting and bottom plates…

The thing is with some modification you could add a plexi/lexan top and you would basically have a near commercial stick…

I do prefer metal but I love the bolivian rosewood case featured on Norrisarcadesticks, it’s flat out beautiful. One day I’ll have to pick one up :wgrin:

That’s a pretty decent idea, but that looks like it might be a little small. Only 7x11 inces.

I think most people prefer at least 8.5x11 or bigger.