Faye Valentine AV

tondashock said I can use this av of Faye. The only thing is that is say “tondashock”. Can you put RokChik in there?? Anyone? Unless of course, you can make it cooler :cool:

Can’t see the av in question, but I’ll try and work with it if you put it up.


This av, correct?


copy and paste location yea faye faye check location!

Okay, I’ll mess with it in a bit.

sorry I forgot to attach! :o

leave it a .GIF file so it will animate


I likey, but could you make the “RokChik” a bit darker, maybe royal purple even? to match her hair?


puurrfect! Thanks :smiley:

O YEA, it can’t be made any cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

But, Smoking is bad for you ;-;

perhaps, but it’s a price we pay

Yes, but Faye kicks ass. I’m sure she’ll get on the patch soon.

Nice av! Perhaps the coolest one you’ve had yet. What Faye really needs to do is stop gambling! The only way she wins is when she cheats. (lol)

Could someone make me a new av? I’m thinking one w/ Vashe the Stampede!

Please e-mail or AIM me @ my new addresses, if you can help. Thanks!