FAYETTEVILLE 11/08 Bi-weekly results


Top 5


  1. Jorge Rivera
  2. Brian Martin
  3. Kevin Michael
  4. James Dostie
    5.Steven Byrd


  1. Kevin Michael
  2. James Brenner
  3. Daniel liverman
  4. James Dostie
  5. Michael Ku

CvS2 was cancelled due to poor turnout. Only 5 people registered. :lol: Oddly enough, 20+ people showed up for the SvC tourny. 3S had 12 compete.

Didn’t pay much attention to SvC. I was either playing in the 3rd Strike tourny, or playing casual CvS2 matches. So here’s some 3S info…
Kevin Michael sent James Brenner to the losers bracket in the quarter finals with the following match ups(yellow=winner):
[list]Kevin vs James

]ALX SAI vs URN SAIII[/list]
James makes his way back to the finals vs Kevin Michael. James must win 8, Kevin must win 4
[list]Kevin vs James
]ALX SAI vs URN SAIII [/list]

Kevin Michael takes it! :mad: damn you HYPER BOMB!!! Matches 5,6,7 were just brutal poke and parry wars. Neither was willing to give up ground. Match 8 was ALX using URN for toilet paper. :lol: Good stuff Kev.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Good job to James Dostie and Kevin Michael for placing in SvC, even though they are complete strangers to the game. Kevin Michael took the safe road with the “use what you know” rule by picking Ryu, to place 3rd. James Dostie figures basics is the key, and selects “Terry the tank.” to roll into 4th place. Both showed pretty impressive skills in adapting and trying to learn as they go.

Props to Jorge and Kev for taking 1st in their respective games.

Jive Out!


Are these tournaments in an arcade or on console? It would be good to see NC having another arcade other than Mindboggle.


fayetteville = SVC Zion

20+ players eh ? … good shit.


It’s an arcade. Mindboggle, Cross Creek Mall.

We have:
SvC Chaos
Virtua Fighter 4 *******
MvC2 *******

We are going to try and get at least 1 of the following:

*******- Due to lack of interest, these titles are not put out on the floor. Instead, they are kept in the back offices. From what I was told though, MvC2 will be making it’s way back on to the floor due to high demand from tourny goers. (MvC2 draws big numbers and is highly popular regardless if we hate the game or not. :lol: )

Jive Out!


Sorry that I couldn’t make it to this one. Woke up kinda late in Greenville, so there went my chance…Anyways, congrats to Kevin, James, Brian, and Jorge(i.e. money winners :smiley: ). I’ll try to make it back down there soon.

BTW, how long do you think it would take to get from Greenville to Fayetteville, for future references.



Cool. I see if the MD players want to come down for some of y’all tournaments. :slight_smile:


Getting 4th place in two tournaments fucking licks balls, no money, and there was no CvS2 tournament for me to win! booooooo…


Hey ya’ll. Has anyone ever considered holding the tournaments at seperate times so there is no waiting between matches. You might think that holding them at the same time would save time but not at Mindboggle. I think it only wastes time. By the time I got to the end of the losers bracket I was worn out mentally and physically. I didn’t even feel like playing anymore. Standing up all day killed me. Holding the tourney with the least entries first would be smart. Just a suggestion though.

BTW I’m gonna win 3rd strike next time, watch me. Denjin gonna roll through the whole crew. You don’t know nothin’ about that 1 hit denjin boyeee. Hyper bomb is awesome yo. It’ll lace your whole body up. Made me cry when I saw it.


4th place don’t deserve money. Hell 3rd don’t either. 1st and 2nd should get everythin’. Get better. If you don’t you won’t get nothin’. It’s more motivation to get 1st or 2nd if the purse is really big. But then again it won’t be big if people stop playing b/c they don’t think they have a chance of placing “in the money” ya know what I mean? Give the lower places free plays b/c it’s no skin of their backs and it could help people enter. It’s the best of both worlds IMO.


Of course 4th shouldnt win money, that is why I was so dissapointed!!! :mad: But I guess I can’t complain I am pleased with my performance. I have hardly EVER played SvC, and 3rd Strike is a game that I am starting to learn, I will get better.


You know…

They should take one of the tekkens down and put up vf4 back up… Is evo a completely different board? that sucks. you can get it for 20 bucks on console. I know there would be enough people for a tourny. I would play it alot. BTW, why don’t we have tournies for ttt and t4 again? (I feel sorry for Curtis spectating all the time :p) Not that I play them, but it would get more people to show and might sign up for 3s cvs2 and svc too.


You know…

Man fuck Curtis, that nigga was fucking putting shit on my hands in the MIDDLE of one of my fucking important matches on 3rd strike. Jesus, can people be any dumber? And, there is a T4 tournament on the 22nd I believe. TTT needs a brand new cabinet because the sticks are put on there slanted or something.


haha wtf, i am a scrub… But it was not that bad. :frowning:

sorry, its not like you were gonna lose :slight_smile:


yo curtis…

did you see jeremy challenge any nc player in tekken for 100 bucks? check it out on tz.


:slight_smile: np, I am not too worried bout it… But actually I did lose that match :).


Yah it was good to actually get some good 2D gaming going on that day. I been hanging in the triangle area and most everyone I meet is all about some 3D. Would it be possible to post up the full results b/c I would like to know EXACTLY where i placed in the Chaos tourny (oh yah this is DeMorris Edberson) it couldnt have been that bad. Not too worried about my 3S placement b/c I only entered that one for fun but I will be going to the dojo for some training b/c I WILL show you boys what the Wilson crew can do.


sup foo’. check the site…

and post in our thread sometime:


Well, I was at the SvC Chaos Tourney, got stomped but I’m still happy with myself. Finally, FINALLY figured out Terry’s Exceed. Now, I just need to focus on some combos and better my gameplan and I’ll be OK. :smiley:

Practicing while taking my lumps,


I said the same thing after the tournament, cuz I played like pure shit. :mad:

But after telling myself I would never play that shitty again, I haven’t even played once since then. :lol: I hope I shake this carefree attitude and get some 3S training sessions off before the next tourny.

Jive Out!


I think you mean Raleigh instead of The Triangle cause Durham is mostly 2D bud.